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9 November 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-11-09 number 81 part C

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                                                                                        C $09
   Supplement to’ Official Gazette No. 81, Vol."48, 9thNovember, 1961—Part\C

        The followingBill, which will in due course be presented to Parliament
   for enactment, is published for general information.        ‘                ;

                       (AMENDMENT)             .

                             ExpLANATORY MEMORANDUM
         The Nigerian Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare Association Ordinance ‘provides
 for thepreparation by regional councils of annual statements of accounts
and for the audit of such accounts. It has been represented as desirable
»., and in the interests of the Association that the Association should be given
    powerto give directions of a general nature to all regional councils regarding
    accounting procedure to ensure uniformity in the keeping of the Association’s
    accounts and to be able to demandthat at the end of every period of three _
    months, copies of books and vouchers relating to expenditure during the
    quarter be forwarded by the regional councils to the headquarters of the
    Association whose audited annual statement of accounts will be based on
    those quarterly returns. Clause 2 seeks to give effect to this and the other
    clauses are machinery in relation thereto.                              .

                                                       AHaji UsMaNn SARKI,.
                    .                            Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs
    (Bills 755) .                                                    .

                                  (AMENDMENT) .
                              ARRANGEMENT OF CLAUSES
     Clause                                            .
       1. Short title, etc.
       2. Section 15 of Ordinance replaced.
       3, Section 16 of Ordinance amended.
       4, Section 17 of Ordinance amended.
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