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16 November 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-11-16 number 35 part C

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                                                »                                            C $51
Supplement to Official Gazette No. 85, Vol. 48, 16th November, 19$61—Part C                  :

    ~~ The following Bill, which will in due course be presented to
Parliament for enactment, is published for general information. __
                                   EXPLANATORY MemoRanpuM .
       This Bill seeks to improve the existing law of defamation by making
provisions whereby any person who claims the publication of any defamatory
words was made innocently an, under certain conditions, be exonerated
from liability for damages. Italso places the law relating to pleas of qualified
privilege by newspapers on a new basis.                   Other provisions of the Bill
relate to broadcasting, slander of persons holding official, professional or
business positions, slander of title to goods and other forms of malicious
falsehood.          .
      4 The whole purport of the Bill is to bring our law oflibel and slander up
to     date.
                       my .

                                            @             _       J. O. Extas,
                                                    Attorney-General of the Federation
                   <                                      and Minister of Fustice
i          Bills 757

                                    ARRANGEMENT OF CLAUSES
    Clause                                                    °                      L
      1.       Short title, etc.                                        ;
      2.       Interpretation.
      3.       Broadcast statements.                                             .
      4, Slander affecting official, professional or business reputation.
      5.Slanderoftitle, ete.
      6. :Unintentional defamation.
      7. Justification.
      8. Fair comment.
      9. Qualified privilege of newspaars.
      10. Newspaper reports ofproceedings in court privileged. |
      11. Extention of certain defences to broadcasting,
      12, Limitation.on privilege at elections..
      13. Agreement for indemnity.
      14, Consolidation of actions for, slander,etc.
      15. Proceedings affected and saving.
                  — Interpretation,                  4              ;                    a
    Part If — Statementprivileged without explanation or.contradiction.
    Part III— Statementprivileged subject to explanation or contradiction,
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