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7 January 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-01-07 number 2 part B

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                                                                                                    B 3
 Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 2, Vor3. 7th January,
                                                           1966—Part B

  L.N. 3 of 1966
                              BANKING ACT (CAP. 19)
                    Banking (Monthly Returns) Regulations,?66
                            Commencement : 1st January 1966

    In exercise of the powers conferred by section 10 (5) of th8anking Act, 1958
 and of all other powers enabling me in that behalf, { keby make, after
 consultation with the Central Bank, the following regulatior—

        1.--(1) These regulations maybecited as the Banking‘lonthly Returns)           Citation,
 Regulations, 1966 and shall apply throughout the Federati-                            application
    (2) These regulations shall be deemed to have come to force from the               commence-
 Ist day of January, 1966,                                                             ment.
    2. Section 10 (1) (@) of the Banking Act, 1958 whictelates to the sub-             Amendment
 mission of a statement in the form set out in the First ‘hedule to the Act            of section 10
 is hereby amended bydeleting the word ‘“‘thirty-one” the first line and              (12a) of the
 substituting therefor the word “twenty-eight”.                            :
  3, Section 10 (1) (6) of the Banking Act, 1958 whicrelates to the form              Amendment
and dates for the compilation and submission of a stateent in the form set            of section
out in the Second Schedule to the Act is hereby amend bysubstituting the              ie vi of
following—                                                                                  —
         (6) not later than twenty-cight days after the lasiay of each calendar
   month, a statement in the form set out in the Secondchedule to this Act
   giving an analysis of advances and otherassets of ioffices and branches
   in Nigeria as at the end of that calendar month.”’
  4. For the Second Schedule to the Act, there sll be substituted the                 Replacement
following—                                                                        .
            g                                                                         Second
                                                                                      Schedule to
                                                                                      the Act.
                              “SECOND SCHEDULE
                          REPoRT ON LOANS AND ADVAN;
        (To be submitted in accordance with section 1éf the Banking Act
                 of 1958 as amended bythe Banking (Mcnly Returns)
                                   Regulations, 1966)

  AS At.         ccsae cst ob euttesantcisscsttesasieday of. 9
Name of Reporting Bank................
Address .

                                         SECTION A
                   Loans and Advances analysed by Sec Borrowers

Major Minor
            (1    Agriculture (including live ste,
                    poultryetc.)            ..       be   Po.
            02    Other    ..    .                        Fceetctntenees
            03    Timber (logging)                   Be ctecuemtnte a
            04    Fishing ..      .         .        Pf
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