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24 February 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-02-24 number 16 part B

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                                                                                                 B 13
‘Supplement to Official Gazette No. 16, Vol. 53, 24th February, 1966—Part B
L.N.8 of 1965                              .
                              CIVIL AVIATION ACT, 1964
                                       (1964, No. 30)
                              ‘ (Commencement) Order 1965
                              Commencement : 1st December, 1965
. In exercise of the powers conferred by subsection (2) of Section Nineteen
of the Civil Aviation Act, 1964, and of all other powers enabling mein that
behalf, I hereby make the following Order :—

    I hereby appoint the Ist day of December 1965 as the day on which the                Commence-
Civil Aviation Act 1964, shall come into force:                                          mentof the
  This Order may be cited as the Civil Aviation Act (Commencement)                       Citation.
Order 1965.                               ,
   Mabethis 28th day of October 1965.

                                                                    J. A. Wacuuxu,
                                                                  Minister of Aviation

                              FEDERATION OF NIGERIA
                 CIVIL AVIATION (FEES). REGULATIONS 1965

                               ARRANGEMENT OF REGULATIONS

            Citation and Commencement.

            Interpretation.                  /

            Aircraft Landing Fee.
            Helicopter Landing Fee.
            Passengers’ fees for services.
           Power ofMinister.
           Exemption from landingfee.
         . Fees for night landing.
         . Minister’s power of exemption.
         Fees for services rendered on landing.

       . No reduction offees.
 bod pe,
 DO et

       - Housing and parkingfees.
       . Licensing fees,

       . Power to amendfees.
 On fe

      . Revocation.
            Schedule 1—Landingfees.
            Schedule 2—Aerodromes,
            Schedule 3—Housingfees.:
           ‘Schedule 4—Feesfor certificate licences, etc.
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