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4 March 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-03-04 number 20 part A

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Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 20, Vol. 53, 4th March,
                                                             1966—Part A

                    DECREE 1966

                                           ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS
Neetion                                                     16, Meaning of certain expressions in
       ,                          .              ,                  Decrees and other laws,                           .
 J}.   Suspension of some, and moditica-

           hen ot other, | provisions                 of    17. Citation,      extent,         commencement.
           Constitution of Federation.                             ete
 2. Suspension of some, and moditi-
      cation of other, provisions of                            SCHEDULES
      constitutions of Regions.

 3. Powers of Federal Military Govern-                              Schedule              1 Suspended          pro-
           ment and Regional”                 Military                visions of Constitution of
           Governors to makelaws.                                     Federation.
 +. Mode          of    exercising          legislative             Schedule              2—Moditications        of                ‘
           powers.                                                    provisions of Constitution of
 <      .                                               .             Federati ot os “nde   .
 S. Making           and   commencement               of              « fa not suspended by
           Decrees, Edicts, ete.                                      “          .

 6, Validity of Decrees and Edicts not                              Schedule 3—Suspended pro-
      to be enquired into.                                            visions of Regional consti-
 - op                        .     .                                  tutions.                                                er
 7. The executive authority of the                                                                                             =
       Federal Republic of Nigeria.                                 Schedule +—Modificuations of
 S. Establishment of Supreme Military                                 provisions of Regional consti-
      Council and Federal Executive                                   tutions not suspended by
      Council.                                                        s. 2 (4).
                              ~       qe        -y-             °      >».      —_—       * rer:        Jaee
 4, Powers of Head of Federal Military                                Part . General modifications
      Government, Supreme Military                                      arp Yh Rosie ve Constitution
           Couneil,   Federal    Executive                              Ol each  iwegion.
           Council and Military Governors                             Part [I—Additional moditica-
           to delegate functions conferred                              tions of particular provi-
           on them by laws,                                             sions of Constitution ot
     .    .     oe                                                           Northern Nigeria.
10. Execution of instruments made by                                   )                  *                      .
            certain :authoriti
           certain          ee es.                                    Part . I[T—Add. itional
                                                                                           :  moditi-
   »                     /        a                                      cations of particular pro-
11. Establishment of Advisory Judicial                                   visions of Constitution of
      Commnnittee.    §‘                                                 Eastern Nigeria.
         ce.         _                                                 >       _      v           -
12. Noditication of existing law.                                     Part AN              Additional   moditi
                                                                             cations of particular pro-
13. Saving for existing offices, appoint-                                    visions of Constitution of
      ments, ete.                                                            Western Nigeriu.
                                                                                      .            a            a              °
14. Succession to property, ete.                                       Part _V—Additienal ~modih-
 .       ,                       .                                       cations of particular pro-                       .
15. Application of Interpretation Act                                 visions of Constitution of
           1964 to Deerces.                                                  Mid-Western Nigeria.
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