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5 March 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-03-05 number 21 part A

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                                                                                                      A 67
   Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordin
                                             ary No. 21, Vol. 53, 5th March,


                               Decree No: ‘10

                                                            [5th March 1966]         Commence-

      WHEREAS I, Major-GENERAL Jounson
 Irons!, Head of the Federal Military Government, mas UMuNAKWE AGuryi-
                                                   Supreme Commanderof
 the Armed Forces, am satisfied that the arres
                                               t and   the detention of the
 persons specified in the Schedule hereto are in
 of Niger
                                                 the inter est of the security
         ia and it is expedient to make this decree accor
                                                          dingly :

                                  ITARY GOVERNMENT
 hereby decrees that—

      1. ‘The persons sospecified shall be detained
six months from the date of this Decree in such for a periad not exceeding         Power to
                                                  place or places as the Head:
of the Federal Military Government may from                                      . detain
                                                    time to time direct either     persons,
    ally or specifically, and the persons so detai
removed to and’ be detained there under            ned shall be liable to be
                                             conditions as to confinement
including thelike conditions as to maintena
                                            nce, discipline and punishment
for breachesof discipline, as may from time
                                              to time
of persons duly convicted of an offence bya courtoflawbe imposed in respect

     2. The provisionsof sections 2 to 6 of the
                                                State Security (Detention of
Persons) Decree 1966 (whichinter alia providefo                                     Application
detained to tribunals speci
                                                r repre sentations by persons    of certain
                          ally constituted and for
provisions of the Constitution of the Federation the suspension ofcertain
                                                                                 Provisions °
as they apply to the aforesaid Decree of 1966, ) shall apply to this Decree
                                                                                 of the State
                                                and they shall be construed
accordingly.                                                                     (Detention
                                                                                 of persons)
                                                                                 Decree 1966,
    3. This Decree maybecitedas the Stat                                         Decree No. 3
                                          e Security (Detention of Persons)
(No. 3) Decree 1966 and shall apply througho                                     Citation and ~~
                                             ut the Federation.                  application.
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