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23 March 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-03-23 number 27 part A

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  Supplement to ‘Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 27, Vol. 53, 24th’
                                                                    1966—Part A

                       RENT CONTROL DECREE 1966

                           ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS
 Section                                  4. Appeals.
 1. Reduction of dgreed rent.
           .               :              5. Interpretation. ,
 2. Rent Tribunals.
 3. Powers as to! standard rent, and      6. Citation and application.
      effect of orders.   :

                                Decree No. 15

                                   oe                    [23rd March, 1966]       Commence-
 follows :—       :
     1.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, rent charged in respect
of accommodation in any one or more rooms that are not self-contained in          Reduction
                                                                                  of agreed
a dwélling occupied or used by persons for living or sleeping or other lawful     rent,
purposes where the tenant is required to share the use of kitchen andtoilet
facilities and whether or not any part of the dwelling is also occupied or
used as a shop or store (such accommodation being hereafter referred to in
this Decree as ‘“‘accommodation’’) let or agreed to be let before or after the
commencementof this Decree shall be the rent agreed between the landlord
and tenant(hereafter in this Decree referred to as “the agreed rent”); and
anything to the contrary in any enactment orrule of law notwithstanding, .
the agreed rent shall, on Ist April, 1966, in respect of subsistingtenancies
be reduced by an amount equal to two shillings in every one poundor part
of one poundofthe agreed rent, (such agreed rent as reduced, being hereafter
referred to as “the fixed rent”),                    .             ms
     (2) Any notice to quit accommodation given by reason of-the failure
to tender the agreed rent to the landlord or his agent and: not matured on
the making of this Decree, and any increase demanded ornotice of increase
given at such time shall be suspended, and the fixed rent shall be payable
to and be accepted by the landlord or his agent ‘without ‘deduction and in
full settlement of the agreed rent for the period in respect of which it is
tendered by the tenant,                                          a
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