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5 May 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-05-05 number 46 part B

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                                                                                                            B 269

            Supplementto Official Gazette No. 46, Vol. 53, 5th May, 1966—-Part


                        THE NATIONAL HONOURS ACT 1964
                                              (1964 No. 5)

                                      ARRANGEMENT OF ARTICLES
            Citation, commencement and interpretation.
 2 DR) oe

            Establishment, etc. of medals for police force. .
          Eligibility for award of medals.   .
        . Awardof bar or clasp for additionalservices.

            Recommendation‘for;medals, bars and clasps.
            Mode of awarding medals,ete.
            Form of medals, etc.
            Miniatures and ribbons.
            Deprivation and restoration.
            Replacement of lost medal.

 L.N. 31 of 1966
                             The Honours (Police) Warrant 1966

                                  Commencement : 1st October 1965

    In exercise of the powers conferred on me by the National
                                                                     Honours Act
1964 and of all other powers enabling me in that behalf, I, Major-
Aguiyi-Ironsi, Head of the Federal Military Government,
                                                                   General jJ.T.U.
                                                        Supreme Comman-
der of the Armed Forces, hereby make the following
                                                    warrant :—

     1.—(1) This warrant may becited as the Honours (Police) Warra
                                                                   nt 1966                          Citation,
_and shall haveeffect as if it had been made on Ist October 1965.                                   commence-
       (2) In this warrant—                                                                         ment and
                             .                                                                      inter-
         “holder”, in relation to a police medalor clasp means a person who has                     pretation.
      been awarded that medal or clasp and has not been deprived thereof,
      or who having been awardedit or deprived ofit, has hadit restored to him ;
        “police force’ means the Nigeria Police Force or the Nigeria Special
        a    *           .  ..  he   oy    atti
             pYsee tucdiau                                         he oan EL OD      eae
                                 dcdils. diary Dicddi cotavitslicu by uitinie © Dilu WwW.       x
   (3) In the case of a ribbon which in pursuance of this warrant is divided
laterally       into a numberofdivisions, references in this warrant—                       °
      (a) to the first of those divisions is a reference to thedivision which,
    when the ribbon is viewed from thefront, lies to the left of all the other
    divisions ;
            (4) to the second of those divisions is a reference to the division adjacent
    to the first division,
and so on fromleft to right.
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