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3 June 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-06-03 number 55 part A

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     upplem:     Official Gazette
                              ette Extraordinary No.55,
                                                     : Vol.‘53,
                                                            : 3rdSoak.
                                                                 June.                   A 163


                            (No. 6) DECREE 1966

                                Deevee No. 36
                                                          [20th May 1966]         Commence-
follows :—
     1. Section 4 (5) of the Constitution (Suspension and Modification)
{No. 5) Decree 1966 is amended by substituting in paragraph (d) for all           etc. of
wordsafter “office of” the words “of Magistrate or Registrar of a court, and      magistrates
any Justice of the Peace ;”’,                                 :                   and others
                                                                                  1966 No. 34,
     2.—{1) Powerto appointpersonsto holdor act in the office of magistrates     - Powerto
andregistrars of a court under any law in force in Nigeria or any part thereof    appointctc.
(including power to make appointments on promotion or transfer and to             magistrates
confirm appointments) and to dismiss arfd-t6 exercise disciplinary control        and others.
over personshdlding 6r acting in thatoffice shall vest in the Supreme Military
    (2) Before exercising any of its powers under this section in the case of
any person the Supreme Military Council shall consult the Advisory Judicial
    (3) Accordingly the Constitution (Suspension and Modification) Decree
1966 is hereby amendedas provided in the Schedule to this Decree.                1966 No. 1,

    3. Power to appoint personsto hold oract in the office of justice of the
peace in Lagos and to dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over persons     etc. ofjustice
holding -or acting in that office shall vest in the Attorney-General of the      of the peace
Republic.                                                                        in Lagos.

    4. Power to appoint a person to hold or act in the office of economic        Appointment
adviser fo the Republic and to dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over    etc. of
any person holding or acting in that office shall vest in the Head of the        economic
National Military Government.                                                    adviser.

    5. In the application of this Decree,—
    (a) “court” means the Supreme Court and includes the Sharia Court of
  Appeal, a High Court and a Magistrate’s Court ;                                pretation.
    (>) “registrar” includes the chief registrar, the deputy registrar andall
  other registrars of the court.                                            7°
     6. This Decree may be cited as the Constitution (Suspension and
                                                                                 Citation and
Modification) (No. 6) Decree 1966 and shall be deemed to have comein
                                                                     to          Commence-
operation on 20th May 1966.                                                      ment.
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