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7 June 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-06-07 number 56 part A

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                                                                                   3                             A 173

             Supplementto Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 56, Vol. 53, 7th June,
                                                                               ¢        1966—Part A

                               TRIBUNALS OF INQUIRY DECREE 1966


                                      ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS

         Section                                             11. Contemptoftribunal.
           1. Power to constitute tribunals of              12. Contemptdefined .
                inquiry.                                          :             ;    .             :
                  q                                         13. Witnesses’ :fees and interpreters’
           2. New.members,andalterationsetc.                      remunerations.
                 of instrument      constituting a
                 tribunal, -                                14. Report.
           3. Oath of members.                              15. Order in relation to any property
           4. Tribunal may ‘regulate its own                      or matter dealt with in report.
                proceedings,                                           _                  .
           5. Powers oftribunal with regard to              16. Indemnity of members oftribunal.
                conduct of proceedings.                     17. Restriction of Powerto reviewetc.
           6. Powers for       Chairman        to   issue   18. Appearance of Counsel.
                summons, etc.                                                   4
           7. Interpreters.   ,                ;            19. Proper authority’ may       restrict
           8. Use of evidence taken underthis                       owers of tribunals.
                                                                  P             ;
                 Decree im judicial proceedings.            20. Vacating of Office by tribunal.
           9, P enalty for threats to witnesses
                                        i       ;           21. Citation.
          10. Penaltyfor failing to give evidence                                  b
                etc.                       .                22. Repeal.

                                           Decree No. 41

                                                                              [2nd Fune 1966]          Commence-
                                                                                        .              ment.
             THE NATIONAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT hereby decrees as
        follows :—
tee 8

             1.—(1) The Head of the National Military Government(in this Decree                        Power
        referred to as “‘the proper authority””) may, whenever he deems it desirable,                  ©constitute
        by instrument underhis hand (hereafter in this Decree referred to as “the                      tribunal of
        instrument”)constitute one or morepersons(hereafter in this Decree referred
        to'as “member” or “‘members”) a tribunal to inquire into any matteror thing
        or into the conductoraffairs of any person in respect of whichin his opinion
        an inquiry would be for the public welfare.             The proper-authority may by
        the same instrumentor by an orderappoint a secretary to the tribunal who-
        shall perform’suchduties as the members shall prescribe.
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