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28 June 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-06-28 number 66 part A

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                                                                                       A 201

   Supplementto Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 66, Vol. 53, 29th June,
                              :                         ,     1966—Part A


                        Decree No. 48
                                                          [28th June 1966]       Commence-
as follows :—                                                                          e

     1. The Rent Control Decree 1966 is amended—
     (a) in section 1 (1),—                                                      neous
        (¢) by substituting the words “at a rate equal to twoshillings in the    to Rent
     pound” for the words “by an amount equal to two shillings in every          Control
                                                                                 Decree 1966
     one poundorpart of a pound”, and                                            No. 15.
       (#2) after the word ‘rent”)’ at the end and after deleting the stop,
     by inserting the words “: Provided that there shall be no’ adjustment as
     between landlord and tenant in cases where, because of doubt, any
     incorrect ‘reduction was made between the date aforesaid and 28th
    June 1966.” :
    (2) by repealing sections 2 (6), 3 (5) and (6), and 4 and by renumbering
  sections 5 and 6 as sections 6 and 7 respectively with effect from the
  commencement of the Rent Control Decree 1966 *
  __(¢) by inserting new sections 4 and 5 with effect from the date last
   aforesaid immediately after section 3, as follows,—
‘‘Regula-           4. The Executive Council may make regulations: generally
tons.          for the purposesof this Decree, and in particular and without
               prejudice to the generality thereof, regulations may provide
               for—                  .
                    (2) the mode of appointment, remuneration and tenure
                 of office of the chairman and other membersofa tribunal,
                    (5) the amountof increase or reduction to be allowed by
                tribunals in relation to repairs to premises accordingasthe
                liability to make them is established before the appropriate
                   (c) the type and nature of repairs or fixtures in premises
                where the accommodation is, and the amount to be allowed
                in computing the standardrent where thetribunalissatisfied
                that the repairs orfixtures, as the case may be, are necessary
                to make the premises reasonably fit for human habitation,
                  : d) the fixing g of the standardyt
                                                    rent from time to time,

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