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30 June 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-06-30 number 50 part A

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  SupplementOficalGazetteHateordinaryNo50;Vol.4, 30

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           (AMENDMENT) 0.a 2)DECREE1967...                                           woe

                            "Decree No.25.                    pts Ey
     co         a           Gee        Sone ge |        “sieseton 3               ‘Commence-
_ follows :—
    ot ‘Any’ inimiovable: pto ecty:Gncluding’ unworked ‘mineraland Transfer
                                                                        in of 3
    1) which,immediately‘ before the. commiencement‘ofthis Decree public
 was situatedinterritories which on such commencementcomprised’states property.
undertthe. States. (Creation.and:Transitional. Provisions)Decree 1967. and 1967 No.         14.
     (2) was held bythe Military Governor of a formerterritory onbetialf
   of or in trust for the governmentof thatterritory, or.
     (b) was. held in the. case-of the former tertitories of Northern. and -
   Eastern Nigeria by a body’ corporatedirectlyéstablished*‘byaa Lawof the
   Legislature or of the Military Governor of the appropriate territory, or
   an instrument havingeffect as such a law, -
 shall on the commencement of this Decree by virtue of this.section and
 without furtherassurance than this section—                      .
     (#) in the case of the Western, Mid-Western and Lagos states, vest
                                                                    v in
   the Military Governors of. the respectivestates and be held by them on
   behalf of or, as the case may be, on the like trust for the benefittothe
   governmentofthe respectivestates; ©
     (it) in the case of‘the states created cut of the former territories of
   NorthernandEastern Nigeria, vest in the appropriate interim adminis-
   trative counciland be.held.of that council in trust for the governments
   ofall thestates: created.outof that relevant formerterritory, pending the
   apportionment by. theappropriate interimadministrative council of assets
   andliabilities.among.the states.:
     (2 This section shallhaveeffect sohowever that, in the Colony Province
 of the former Western Nigeria it shall not apply toBebonce
                                                         of any deactiption
 which immediatelybefore the commencementof
   aa held bytheMilitary Governor ‘Of the territory formerly known
        estern Nigeria on behalf of, or in trust for, the government of that
   former territory, or
   . (6) was owned by statutory cor rations or, as. the case may be, by»
  ‘ companies (public or private) which, whether-corporations or companies,
    were themselves owned or.controlled by the ‘Government of that former
  _ territory.
      (3): Tn-this section, “the.appropriateinterim adtministraiive council” or
 “that council”: means an interim: administrative council established:under
 the InterimAiiministrativeCouncils Decree1967,"          «                       1967 No. 18,
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