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5 August 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-08-05 number 78 part A

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               Supplementto Official Gazetie Extraordinary No. 78, Vol. 53, 5th August,
                “ep                                                           ,

                                                                                          1966—Part A
                         ' STATE SECURITY (DETENTION OR PERSONS)
                         (RESTRICTED REVOCATION) DECREE 1966

                                             Decree No.53 -
                                               |                                      [Section 2(2)]    Commente- .
                                                                      /                                 ment.
                 THE NATIONAL MILITARY GOVERNMENThereby decreesas                                               _
             follows :-—                       .
                 1.—(1) The persons named in Schedule 1 tofthis Decree shall cease to                   Provision
             be detained.                                C    cr                                        -for release
                                                         4%                                             of certain
                 (2) Accordingly the Decrees mentioned in Schedule 2 shall be revoked                   detained
            to the extent therein set forth, so however that references to detention
                                                                                     of                 P       .
             persons, however wordedin the State Security (Detention of Persons)                        1966 No.3.
             Decree 1966,shall be construed as applicable to persons held under detention
            ‘decrees not hereby revoked.
                 2.—(1) This Decree may be cited as theSt & Security (Detention of
            Persons) (Restricted Revocation) Decree 1966. ., “ pf)
                 (2) This: Decree shall be so construed ag to yalidate the release of any
            persons named herein whoceased to be detained before the date hereof.                                          .

                                              SCHEDULE1                           ‘       Section (1)
                                    .    Part’A (Decree No. 3)
                         (¢)   Mr Okunola Adebayo            .
                         (i)   Chief Adebiyi Omowonuola Adeyi
                         (#1) Mr Richard Osuolale Abimbola Akinjide
~ Nee

                         (7) Oba Claudius Dosa Akran                                             .
                         (v)   Mr Salawu Olasupo Fajinmi *
                         (wi) Chief Remi Fani-Kayode              :
                         (vit) Mr Nathaniel Adedamola Babalola\Kotoye
                         (viit) Alhaji Busari Obisesan                    :
                         (x) Mr Emmanuel Olakanmi
                         (x)   Chief Lalekan Salami ~
                         (xt) Chief Babatunji Olowofoyeku         4
                         (xit) Prince Adeleke Ademiluyi

                                          Part. B (Decree No.8)
                          t) Dr Sanya Dojo Onabamiro
                          it) Mr Adebayo Adeyinka
                         (#2) Mr James Oladejo Adigun’

                                   ‘                |
                                                   1 =
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