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15 September 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-09-15 number 91 part B

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                                                                                         B 357

  Supplement to Official Gazette No. 91, Vol. 53, 15th September, 1966-—Part B

 L.N. 76 of 1966                   a                                                  I
                   (CHAPTER 87)

           Industrial Development (Income Tax Relief) (Electrical
            Apparatus and Appliances) (Amendment) Order 1966

                       Commencement : 13th Fune 1966

   In exercise ofthe powers conferred by section 3 (4) of the Industri
 lopment (Income Tax Relief) Act as modified by the Constitution al Deve-
 sion and Modific
                   ation) Decree 1966 and of all other powers enabling it in
 that behalf, the Executive Council has made the following
                                                           Order :—-

    1, This Order may becited as the Industrial Development
 Relief) (Electrical Apparatus and Appliances) (Amendment) Orderme ‘I'ax         Citation and
 and ‘shall apply throughout the Republic.
                                                                   1966          Application.

    2. The Schedule to the Industrial Development (Income Tax
                                                              Relief)            Amendment
 (Electrical Apparatus and Appliances) Order 1961 is amended
 addition                                                     by  the            ofSchedule
            under the heading “Products” of the following:—                      eet.

     “ind Ceiling and Tablefans”.

   Mabe in Lagos, this 13th day of June 1966.

                                                         P. C. Astopv,
                                                  <Icting Permanent Secretary,
                                                      Ministry of Industries

                            EXPLANATORY NOTE:               mo         3

  The-effect uf the amendment is to extend the scope of
                                                        the   existing Pioncer
industries Order applicable to theymanufactureof electrical appara
nery and                                                           tus machi-
           appliances to cover ceiling and table fans.        The necessary
requirementsof the Act. have been observed.
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