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17 October 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-10-17 number 97 part B

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                                                                                                    B 375
   Supplement t to to Official
                          cial Gazette
                                 Gazette Ext
                                          Extraor diinary No.No 97, Vol.
                                                                    ye 53, 17th October
                                                                            {966e  et,

 L.N. 84 of 1966                       |                        ‘g        .
                    DECREE 1966 _            7ied
                     (1966 No. 1)
            The Delegation of Statutory Functions Order 1966
                          Commencement : 1st September 1966                      se
  In exercise of the powers conferred by sectio
(Suspension and Modification) Decree 1966        n 9 (3) of the Constitution
                                            and section 3 of the Ministers’
Statutory Powers and Duties (Miscellaneous Provis
by the Constitution (Suspension and Modification) ions) Act, as modified
of all other powerSherans it in that behalf, the
                                                 Decrees (Nos.1 to 9), and
                                                 Federal Executive Council
hereby makesthe following Order—'

   1.—(1) The functions conferred on'the Federal Execu
                                                       tive Council by the                Delegation
enactments mentionedin thefirst column of Schedule
functions are, for
                                                    1 of this Order (which                of certain
                   convenience of reference only and without prejudice to                 statutory
this paragraph, described in the second column oftha                                      functions.
                                                     t Schedule) are hereby
delegatedto the officers respectively specified in relat
                                                         ion to those enactments
in thé third columnof that Schedule.
   (2) An officer
                to whom any function is delegated by this Order
deciding whether or how to exercise that                        shall, in
                                          function; have regard to any
directions  on matters of policy which may fromtime to time
Federal Executive Council,                                  be given bythe
  (3) Nothi ng in this Order shall prevent the Feder
from exercising any of the functions delegated there al Executive Council
  2. The Legal Notices mentioned in Schedule
revoked to the extentspecified in the thirdcolumno of this Order are hereby               Revocation.
                                                  fthat Schedule.
  3. This Order may be cited as the Delegati
Order 1966 and shall be deemed to-have come  on of Statutory Functions                    Citation and
1966,                                       into force on Ist September                   commence-
                                          ,                                               ment.

                                              SCHEDULE 1                              (Paragraph 1)
                                 STATUTORY FUNCTIONS DELEGATED
  Enactment                                Function delegated
 Cap, 12                                   ANTIQUITIES Act
Section 9(2)              To receive annual statement of acco
                                                              unt from        Permanent Secretary,
                        the Commission.
                                                                                Federal Ministry of
                                                                 :              Education.
                                   é                            Tu
  Cap, 23                     Birtus, DeaTH anp Buriarn A@p
Section 5           -     To appoint registry offices, etc.
                                                                              Permanent Secretary,
                                                                                Federal Ministry of
                                                                                Internal Affairs,
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