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20 October 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1966-10-20 number 99 part B

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                                                                                               B 405

   Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 99, Vol. 53, 21st October,
                                 :                                     1966—Part B

-L.N. 87 of 1966
               LAGOS LOCAL, GOVERNMENT ACT 1959

                   LagosCity Council Staff (Amendment)
                                Regulations 1966
                         Commencement : 20th October 1966

   In exercise of the powers conferred on the Federal Executive Council by
section 82 (4) of the Lagos Local GovernmentAct, 1959 as amended, which
powers have been delegated to me, andofall other powers enabling me in
that behalf, I hereby make the following regulations—

   1. These regulations may be cited as the Lagos City Council Staff (Amend-         Citation and
ment) Regulations 1966 and shall be deemed to have comeinto operation on             commence-
20th October 1966.                                                                   ment.

  2. The Departmental degolations of the Lagos City Council are hereby
amended bythe addition Whereto of the following regulation—                ,
“Suspension         60a. Whenever the Federal Executive Council is of the
or dismissal       sos      - 2       a                 .
of the Town     ?pinion that it is in the interest of the public or of the Lagos
Clerk on       City Council to suspend the Town Clerk from the exercise of
ground of      the duties of his office, or to dismiss him, on the ground of                   ;
musconduct     misconduct, financial embarrassment,inefficient or unsatisfac-              ;
etc,           tory work,or for someother sufficient cause, it may accordingly            i
               suspend or dismiss the Town Clerk or issue a directive to that              .
               effect and such directive shall be carried out by the Lagos

               City Council.”

  Daten this 21st day,of October 1966.

                                                  Mayor M. O. Jounson,
                                              Military Administrator of Lagos
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