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10 January 1980

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1980-01-10 number 3 part B

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   Supplement to Official Gazette No. 3, Vol. 67, 10th January, 1980—Part B                              .
   S.L. 1 of 1980

                             LEGAL PRACTITIONERS .-
                               "DECREE 1975
                     Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee
                  (Appointment of Certain Members) Notice 1979

                          Commencement : 21stYanuary, 1980
     Wurreas by section 5 (4) of the Legal Practitioners Decree 1975 as
   amended it is provided that the members of the Legal Practitioners’ Privi-
   leges Committee under-paragraphs (c), (e) and (g)of section 5 (3) thereof
   shall be appointed by the Chief Justice of Nigeria ii n_ consultation with the
   Attorney-General ofthe Federation :
         Now,THEREFORE, I, Atanda Fatayi-Williams, Chief Justice of Nigeria,
   in exercise of the powers conferred on meas aforesaid and after consultation
   with the Attorney-General of the Federation hereby give thefollowing
   Notice :--

         1. In pursuance of section 5 (4) of the Legal Practitioners Decree 1975        Appoint-
  (as substituted by the Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Decree 1977 and               mentof —
  further amended by the Legal Practitionegs (Amendment) (No. 2) Decree                CoP#UR +
  1977), the persons specified in the Schedule hereunder are hereby appointed          members of
  as members of the Legal Practitioners’ Fijvileges Committee.            .—.          Commenittes.
                                                                                .             °.
                                                                                       1977 No. 40. *_
                                                                                       1977 No. 67.
        2. This Notice may becited as theLegal Practitioners’ Privileges Commit- Citation,
  tee (Appointment of Certain Members) Notice 1979.

        . The Hon. Justice A. G. Irikefe, Justice of the Supreme Court.
   nek wWN

        - The Hon. Justice J. A. Adefarasin, Chief Judge ofLagos State.
        . The Hon. Justice 5. Kawu, Chief Judge of Kwara State.
        . The Hon. Justice E. Koofteh, Chief Judge+of Cross River State.
        . The Hon. Justice C. A..Oputa, Chief Judge of Imo State.
        . The Hon.Justice J. "M. Adesiyun, Chief Judge of Benue State.
    7. Chief F. R. A’ Williams, s.a.N.
    8. Dr N. B. Graham-Douglas, s.a.n.                ae           oa
    9. Chief Obafemi Awolowo,s.A.N.                        :
 -10. Dr Nwakamma Okoro, $.a.n. <
  11. Dr Mudiaga Odje, S.A.N.

- GIVENat Lagos this 24th day of December, 1979.

                                                     ©     AL FATAYI-WILLIAMS, i
                                                           Chief Justice. of Nigeria
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