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25 January 1980

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1980-01-25 number 7 part B

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 Supplementto Official Gazette ExtraordinaryNo. 7,Vol. 67, 25th January, 1980—Part B

$3.2of 1980,7
                              IMMIGRATION ACT 1963
           |                     (1963 No. 6)                         -                '
           ‘ . Shugaba Abdurrahman Darman Deportation Order 1980.

    ot     ee ~           Commencement-: 24th January 1980                 |       :

      I, the Federal Minister of Internal Affairs, beingof theopinion that Shugaba Abdur-—
_rahman Darman at present in Nigeria ought to be classified as a prohibited immigrant and —
 ‘acting under the powers conferred on me bysection 18 (3) of the Immigration Act 1963,
  andofall othe:powers enabling mein thatbehalf, accordingly order that the said Shugaba
  Abdurrahman Darman be deported from Nigeria by the first available means and I diréct.
_ that thesaid Shugaba Abdurrahman Darman‘ shall thereafter remain out of Nigeria. _
     2. ThisOrder maybecited as the Shugaba Abdurrahman Darman Deportation Order
  1980..          .      re                    ‘
      Mape at Lagosthis 24th dayof January 1980.

                                                             Beto Marrama Yusur,
                                                        _ Federal Minister ofInternal Affairs
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