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8 February 1980

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1980-02-08 number 10

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           Supplenient to OfficialGazetteExtraordinary No.10, Vol. 67, 8th February, 1980—Pari B .
:              /                 .   .           oo   -   :   .   ca     oo        aa    .      2 .

    . SI 3of 1980                                     nr                           nn                    .
                     .       |           ' ‘TRIBUNALS OFINQUIRY DECREE1966.
                                           .     "(1966 No. 41) —       oo
         | Instrument Constituting the Tribunal ofInquiry into the ‘Nationality of Alhaji
      -Shugaba Abdurrahman Darman.                      oe            .      :
             - Under the powers conferred upon me by’section 1 of the Tribunals of InquiryDecree. |
          1966, andof all other powers enabling mein that behalf, I, Shchu Usman Aliyu Shagari,
           President ofthe Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed
           Forces of the Federation, hereby constitute and appoint a Tribunal of Inquiry ‘to be called
           “The Tribunalof Inquity into the Nationalityof AlhajiShugebaAbdurrahman Darman”
    ‘upon the termsofreference hereinafter appearing :
     __            Anp forthe purpose I appoint— ot

                                         an MrJustice Patrick ChukwumaAkpamgbo               a               t
           to be the sole memberofthe Tribunal withfull powers andauthority to hold public hearing, .
          but without prejudice to the exercise of the powers conferred under
                                                                          - the proviso
                                                                                    |   to section
          1 (2) (d) ofthesaid Decree :           :          roe

             | AnpI appoint Mr J. 0. Uwasombato be Secretary tothe Tribunal :
           __ Ann I direct that the Tribunal shall hold itsfirst meeting as soon as the sole member _
          may deem expedient, and the Tribunal shall thereafter hold the said. Inquiry at Maiduguri:
          or at such placeor places and upon suchdates as the ‘Tribunal maydetermine.

                                                 * Terms ofReference
                   The Tribunal shallwith all convenient: speed determine the issue of the Nationality
          ofAlhajiShugaba Abdurrahman Darman whowas recently deported from Nigeria. |
              AND I hereby require the ‘Tribunal to present its Report to menotlater than three
          weeks from the dateofits first sitting. .                           ,              2

      ~ GivenAnD Issuzp undermyhandat Lagosthis 8thdayofFebruary1980.

                                                                         ALHayr SHEHU SHAGARI,
                                                                                  President of the Federal
                                                                                   - RepublicofNigeria

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