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10 July 1980

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1980-07-10 number 33 part C

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    ". Supplement to Offigial Gazette No. 33,Vol. 67, 10th July,1980~Part C-

          The Bill, which will be presentedto theNational Assembly in due course,
         for enactment, is published for‘general information,                         .

         AN Act TO INCORPORATE ASSOCIATION OF Narionat Accounrants OF.

          ‘Niczria, AND FOR RELATED Marrans. '

                                                                bk Spe
          1 “BE IT ENACTED by.the National Assembly of the Federation oe
          2 of Nigeria, and by the authority of the same, as follows :_     .
          3      Part I—Associarron oFNationat Accountants OF+ Nrozna

        4        “1—-(@As from.the commencement of this Act (withoutt prejudice Asoocation
        5 to the Provisions of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Act 1965),          Corporation.
    o 6 “the persons _‘who are. for the time being members of the organisation

    _    7 ‘constituted:‘on the first day of January 1979, under the name of the -

         8 Association of NationalAccountants of Nigeria shall bea‘body corporate

        9 under the name of Association ofNational Accountants ofNigeria .
* 10.          @ The Association may sue2 and be sued In‘the
                                                      j      said name, and :
        11> shal have perpetual succession and@.common” seal, and may from

        12 timeto time make, change, alter:and renew
                                                re   thesaidsealass the Association
.       13. may deemfit.             Bo    Pal                                                .
    “14.        2.—All assets and liabilities of the unincorporated organisation Trapafes
           ,                                                                          of assets
    15 constituted on the firstday,of January 1979, under the name of ‘te ndliabi-
    - 16 Association of National| Accountants off Nigeria (hereinafter in this
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