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14 August 1980

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1980-08-14 number 39 part B

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    Sunplement toOfficial, Gazette,No. 39,.Vol, 67;:44th“August,” 98
                                                                 1980-—-Part Be             a thoy
                              Sos          3                tg SEC oan
- SL. 13 of 1980         -            PER S
                                      HR a sle
                                               eS! eth Sa ee:oTTee
                                                                ne ge BS
_..      "THE CONSTITUTION OF THEFEDERAL REPUBLIC ~-                es

                        OF NIG            ERIA 1979
             , Adaptation ofLaws (Re-Designation of Decr
                                                         ees, ete.)
                   ee                Order1980"              -       ci
                Commencement 225th July 1980 ve
      -Wuereassection 274 (2). of the Coustitution:
    Nigeria 1979 empowers the President to make ofthe Federal Republic of
  . text of any existing law within Federal legis changes at any time in the
                                                 lative competence as may be
    necessary orexpedient to bringit into conformi ty with the provisions of the
    Constitution :
   .AND WHEREASo        g         nt
                      it is necessary ay  Fe e
                                      and expedicnt e    s          we
 _ Decrees andcertain pther enactmentsin. force to re-designate forthwith
   the aforesaid Cons                             on, thecaminginto force of
                        titution without prejudiceto.detailed modifications to he
  effected in respect of any’ such Decree ‘or any
                                                    oth er existinglaw at anytime ©
   hereafter8 ape                  Sas See
                              te cae
                           lcetgis      Tavs4 HP   tee
                                               17 GTB:      a3    sande
                                                                      . 3
    yh gee mee og oeMts, a                     Popa
                                                      cyt        we Ger        wi
   _ NOW; THEREFORE, I,Shehu.Usmati            iyu ShapariPresidentofthe Federal
   Republic ofNigeriaand.Com  mander-in-Chiefofthe.Armed Forcesof the °
   Kederation;,in exerciseofthe!powers.confeired- uponme: by:the
 _ Section 274 (2) ofthe Constitution, and. ofall.oth            -aforésaid:
   behalf, hereby make the following Order fenabling:meinthat —
      t. Without prejudicetothe genérality
                                        ofseétion 274 (2) ofthe Constitution -” Re-designa-—
   of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1979 — -                                        tion of      /
                                                                                      Decrees, etc,-
                                                                            ptember   a8,Acts.
   - the date of the coming into force of the aforesaidY         Ss    orce on-
                                                         Constitution skall, to

      “Act”; and    .
      (2) any Edict madebetween 15thJanua
      1979 by any competent authorityor person ry 1966 and 30th September
                                               and which was in force on the
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