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12 November 1980

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1980-11-12 number 54 part B

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  Supplementto Official Gazette ExtraordinaryNo. 54, Vol,67, 12th November, 1930—Part B

~ SI. 20 of1980,

                            .   UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS _
  + In exercise of the powers conferred by section 15 (2) of the University of Lagos Act
  ‘1967 as amended by the University of Lagos (Amendment) Act 1972 andof all other
  powers enabling me in that behalf I, Arwast Saenu Usman Arivu Suacart, President: of
_ the Federal Republic and. Head of State of Nigeria, in my capacity as the Visitor of the
  University of Lagos hereby direct that the following persons, thatis.to say:        so
   - (a): Mr Justice Moses Balonwu, Chairman N.U.C.
  " (6) Mr Michael S. Angulu, Registrar JAMB™               .      .
  - (c) Mr 8.0. Olusemo,Controllerof Finance andAccounts,FederalMinistry of Education,

  shall conduct’ a visitation into the ‘rélationship between the present Vice-Chancellor of *
  the University, Professor Babatunde Kwaku Adadevoh, on the one hand and the Council
  of theUniversity, the Senate of the University and the Academic Staff of the University
  on the other hand with respect.to the managementof the affairs of the University. ~

-«2, And I direct that the report ofthe visitation shall bé submitted to me notlater
  than ten days from the date ofthisinstrument.                            ,

    ~ Daten at Lagos this Lith day of November, 1980, ©


                                                  ALHAyiSHenu Usman Atrvu Suacarr,
                                                   Visttor of the University of Lagos ©
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