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9 February 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1982-02-09 number 6 part B

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Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 6, Vol. 69, 9th February,
                                                                     1982—Part B

S.L 1 of 1982

                      FEDERAL HIGHWAYSACT 1971
                                  (1971 No.4)
                  Federal Highways (Control of Traffic etc.)
                   (Authorised Officers) Regulations 1982
                       Commencement : 11th January 1982

  In exercise of the powers conferred by section 26 of the Federal Highways
Act 1971, and ofall other powers enabling me in that behalf, I the Minister of
Works, hereby make the following regulations :—

  1.—{1) Any person, not being an authorised officer, who enters upon any          Control of
federal highways for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of any enact-         traffic etc.
mentrelating to roadtraffic on any such highwayshall be guilty of an offence       0 Federal
and shall be liable on conviction to a fine of N200 or imprisonment for            [Highways to
six months or to both such fine and imprisonment.                                  out only by
              .         .   “        .          ”                                  authorised
  (2) In this regulation, “authorised officer” means :                             officers.
       (a) any police officer;
       (6) any member of the Traffic Warden Service established by the
  Traffic Warden Service Act 1975 ;

       (c) any officer in the Federal Ministry of Works acting on any special
  or general delegation of powers madeto him in that behalf by the Minister ;

       (d) any member of the public service of the Federation discharging
  functions conferred upon him pursuantto the provisions of any enactment.
  2. These regulations may be cited as the Federal Highways (Control of            Citation.
Traffic etc.) (Authorised Officers) Regulations 1982.

  Mabeat Lagos this 11th day of January 1982.

                                                Sunpay Matruew Essanc,
                                                   Minister of Works

                                 Explanatory NOTE
            (This note does not form part of the above Regulations but is
                      intended to explain the purport thereof)

  The Regulations specify that only Police Officers, Traffic Wardens and
other authorised Federal Public Officers shall have powers to regulate or
controltraffic on Federal Highways and of enforcing lawsrelating’ to traffic
on any Federal Highways.
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