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18 February 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1982-02-18 number 8 part A

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Supplement to Official Gazette No. 8, Vol. 69, 18th February, 1982—Part A

                   ALLOCATION OF REVENUE
              (FEDERATION ACCOUNT,ETC.) ACT 1931

                            ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS

Sections                           .       5. Establishment   of    Federation
                                                Account Allocation Committee.
 1. Distribution of the Federation
       Account between the three tiers
      of government.                         Establishment  of Joint     Lecal
                                               Government Account Allocation
 2. Formula for distribution between           Committee for each State.
      the States iter se.
                                             Limit on   power of State Govern-
 3. Formula for distribution between           ments for borrowing money.
      Lecal Government Councils in
      the Federation.
                                            . Reports by Accountants-General
                                                in the Federation.
 4. Proportion of revenue to be paid
      by each State to State Joint Lecal
       Government Account.                  . Short title and commencement.
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