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20 May 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1982-05-20 number 24 part B

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                                                                                          B 33

Supplement to Official Gazette No. 24, Vol. 69, 20th May, 1932—Part B

SI. 8 of 1982                        a                  ,
                       FEDERAL HIGHWAYS ACT1977
                                     (1971 No. 4)
              Federal Highways (Declaration) Order 1982
                           Commencement : 23rd April 1982            .

  In exercise of the powers conferred by section 24 of the Federal Highways
Act 1971, and of all other powers enabling me in that behalf,1, the Federal
Minister of Works, with the approval of the President, hereby make the
following Order:—                                   os

  1. The roads specified in the Schedule heretu are hereby declared to              Declaration
                                                                                    of certain
be federal highways.                                                                roads as

  2. This Order may be cited as the Federal Highways (Declaration)                  Citation.
Order 1982.                                         ,           ;        :

              .                        SCHEDULE                                     Section 1.

 Number of                      oe          Description of Highway
    A3-1          ..   ©..      ‘Fhe dual carriageway starting from Enugu to
                                   Port Harcourt.        ;
    AS...               ___..   +The road starting from Mayo Balewa junction with
                                  Trunk Road Al3 to Ganye to Jamtari to Mayo
                                 Selbe to Gembo on the Mambilla Plateau.
    Al0Q..              ..      +The road starting from junction with Al and
                                   terminating at ‘Tegina.
     All      os         ..     The road starting from the junction with A2 near
                                     Rigacikun and terminating at Pambeguwa.
     Al2      ..         _—... The roadstarting at the junction with A4 and A344
                            -     at Katsina Ala to Sabon Gidathenceto Beliand
                                  terminating at Jalingo the junction with A4.
     Al3..              ~—«._+~‘The road starting at the junction with A4 Garin-
                                     kunini continuing to Mayo-Belwa to Namtari —
                                     to Jimeta to Jiberu to Gombi to Gwoza and :
   _"                                terminating at Bama.       -
   _ Al4          a      ..     The road starting at the junction with Al near
                   .             ‘ Tlorin continuing to Oleru and terminating at
                                     Bode Sadu. —
     Al2i-1 ..            ..    The dual carriageway starting from the junction
           —                      with E1, by-passing Shagamu to Benin City.
     A232-1       ..      ..    The dual carriageway from Enugu to Onitsha.
  - + A345.               ..    The road starting from Bauchi and continuing to.
                                     Gombe to Numan and terminating at the junc-
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