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10 September 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1982-09-10 number 46 part B

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Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No.
                                                 46, Vol. 69, 10th September, ;
                          .                           .                     1982—Part B
S.I. 14 of 1982                                                                 "
                      ;     '  ACT 1982
                                      (1982 No. 2)
        EconomicStabilization (Temporary Provisions) (CustomsDuties
         .                (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 1982

                     ,                is
enabling mein that behalf, I, Shehu Usma                     ther powers                                  -
                                         n Aliyu Shagari, President of the
Federal Repub lic of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of the Arme
of the Federation, hereby make the following Order              d Forces                              ,
        1. For paragraph (a) of section 2 ofthe Economic Stabilization (Temp
Provisions) (Customs Duties) Order 1982, as amended           orary                              Amendment
                                                    by the Economic                              of
Stabilization        (Temporary Provisions) (Customs Duties
                                                         ) (Amendment)                           eon of
Order 1982,there shall be substituted the following new paragr
                                                               aph :—                          SL. 10 of
_         “(a@)on goods which immediately before the commencementof
                                                                                  this           1982.
        Order were either imported free of duty or attracting duty ofless
                                                                          than 1000/
        an additional duty of 5% :                                                 102

    -Provided that the foregoing provisions of this parag
                                                          raph shall not
  apply to books ;”’.
  2. This Order may be cited as the Economic Stabilization
Provisions) (Customs Duties) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order (Temporary                                Citation.

        Mansat Lagos this 9th day of September 1982.

                                                                     SHEHU SHacarI,
                                                            President of the Federal
                                                                 Republic of Nigeria

                                    EXpLANaTory Nore
                  (This note does not formpart of the above Order but is
                              intended to explain its purpose)         -
        The Order amends the Economic Stabilizat
                                                 ion (Tem
                                                   porary Provisions)
(Customs Duties) Order 1982, as amended by the
                                               Economie Stabilization
(Temporary Provisions)(Customs Duties) (Amendme
among other things, imposed a 5%, customs dutys
                                                nt) Order 1982 which,
erstwhile attracting a duty of 100% or less by exemurcharge on all goods
imposition of that                                  pting books from the
                          additional 5% duty in line with Nigeria’s international
obligations under the UNESCO Convention.                         .                     =
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