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3 March 1983

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1983-03-03 number 11 part B

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               ;                                                                         B57
     Supplement to Official Gazette No, 11, Vol. 70, 3rd March, 1983—Part B

 ‘S.L 20 of 1983                      on                        |
 |                              TRADE DISPUTES ACT 1976
                          |             (1976 No. 7) |
                   Trade Dispute Iron and Steel Workers’ Union of Nigeria
                         and Niger Steel Company, Emene, Enugu
                                Confirmation of Award Notice 1983

      - Pursuant to the provision of section 9 (3) of the Trade Disputes Act No, 7 of 1976,
     the Industrial Arbitration Panel Award made on 27th October 1982 and set out in the
     schedule hereto, has been confirmed by me, the Federal Minister of Employment, Labour .
     and Productivityand shall have effect as so confirmed in accordance with that provision.

 Name of Arbitration            Parties to Dispute        ‘Terms of Award
Tribunal, etc.                              os
 Industrial Arbitration       Iron and Steel Workers’    “The Tribunal having carefully
‘Panel                          Union of Nigeria and        considered the written and oral
                                Niger Steel Company,      ' evidence before it, awards as
                               _Emene, Enugu,               follows :—
                                                         (a) All "employees of the Niger
                                                              teelCompany, Emene, Enugu
                                                            who had been out of employ-
                                                            ment, shall be reinstated in
                                                            their different jobs with effect
                                                            from 1st November, 1982. It is
                                                            further awarded thatall affected
                                                           employees available as at that date
                                                          shall have been back at theirplaces
                                                           ofworknot laterthan 15th Novem-
                                                           ber, 1982,
                                                            This Award shall take effect as
                                                            if the affected employees had
                                                          _ never been laid off, and are to
                                                            be treated during their enforced
                                                            absence from their employment
                                                            as being on leave withoutpayand
                                                            shall not be subject to disabili-
                                                            ties whatsoever in           ence
                                                            thereof.             ome
                                                         (5) Every reinstated employee in
                                                            (a) above, shall be paid an
                                                           exgratia allowance of a sum
                                                           equivalent to their salary/wages
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