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16 June 1983

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1983-06-16 number 30 part B

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                                                                                .    Bin
  Supplementto Oficial Gazette No. 30, Vol. 70,
                                                16th June, 1983—Part B
  8.1L, 30 of 1983

                          IMMIGRATION ACT 1963
        .     a           (1963 No. 6)
       Shyam Manghanmal Mirchandani Deportation
                                                          Order 1983
               Commencement + 6th Fune 1983
    1, the Minister of Internal Affa
                                 irs, beingof opinion that Shyam Manghan-
  mal Mirchandani at present in Nig eri
_ immigrant and acting under the pow a oughtto beclassifiedas a prohibited
  (3) of the Immigration Act 1963 anders of
                                            conferred upon mebysection 18
  that behalf,                              all other powers enabling mein
             accordingly order that the
 beso classified and further order that said Shyam Manghanmal Mirchandani
 dani                                  the said Syham Manghanmal Mirchan-
       be deported from Nigeria by the
 that the said Shyam Manghanmal Mirchafirst available means and I direct
 of Nigeria.                           ndani shall thereafter remain out
   2. This Order may be cited as the
 Deportation Order 1983,             Shyam Manghanmal Mirchandani             Citation.

 - ‘Maneat Lagos this 6th day of June 1983, _

                                                       Att Baza,
                                                Minister ofInternal Affairs
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