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6 February 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1985-02-06 number 6 part B

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Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 6, Vol. 72, 6th February, 1985—Part B
                                                                            .       .   ~“\       :

S.L. 4 of 1985                                            .                                   .

                             TRIBUNALS OF INQUIRY ACT 1966
                                      (1966 No. 41) -                           :                     a
            Instrument Constituting the Judicial Commission of Inquiry inte the »
                      i “Ministry of Defence Contracts 1979-83                  as

  _ Under the powers conferred upon mebysection 1 of the Tyibunals of Inquiry Act
1966, and ofall other powers enabling me in that behalf, I, . Major-General ‘Muhammadu
Buhari, Head of the Federal Military Government, Commander-in-Chief .of the Armed
Forces of the Federation, hereby constitute and appoint’a Tribunal to be called -the
Judicial Commission of, Inquiry into the Ministry ‘of Defence Contracts, 1979-83 with
the terms of reference hereinafter appearing:       *              :
        AND forthis purpose, I appoint—
          MR Jusrice M. Nasir
          Mr S. A. ADEYINKA
          Mr S. O. OLusEmo
          Proressor S. A. SANNI
 to be members of the Tribunal with full powers and authority to hold public hearings
 but without prejudice to the exercise of the powers conferred under the proviso to -section
 i (2) (d) of the said Act :
   .    Anp I direct that Mr Justice M. Nasir aforesaid shall be the Chairman and I appoint
 Anthony Iriah to be the Secretary to the Commission.
        Ann further direct, that any three members of the Commission, of whom one shall
  be the Chairman, shall constitute a quorum and that the Commission shall hold its first
  meeting as soon, as may be after the date of this Instrument, and the Commission shall
  thereafter hold the said Inquiry in Lagos and at such other place or places and upon such
_ dates as the Chairman maydetermine.

                         «                TERMS OF REFERENCE

      Having regard to the findings and recommendations of the Ministerial Review Panel
  on Defence Construction Projects and any other material information relevant thereto ; the
  Tribunal shall—                                                                                     °

       _ (a) ascertain the role played by any person or persons in the Ministry of Defence
       whether serving in the Army, Navy or Air Force or the Ministry proper, in. the award
       of contracts for Defence Construction Projects of $¥1‘ million (One million Naira)                 and
       above between Ist October, 1979 and 31st December, 1983°;
         (b) determine the persons, if any, who contributed to the lapses resulting in the state
       of affairs regarding the Defence Construction Projects which the Ministerial Review
  _ Panel described as unsatisfactory ;                          :

         (c) identify the failings of each person concerned with the lapses in the handling of
       contract awards : and
         (d) make'suitable recommendationsonits findings.
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