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5 March 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1985-03-05 number 11 part B

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                                                                                                 B 15
      Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No.
                                                       11, Vol. 72, 5th- March,
                                                                 1985—Part B
      S.I. 8 of 1985

                              (1976. No. 23)       7
             Trade Disputes (Nigeria Medical Association and National
              Association of Resident Doctors) (Proscription) Order 1985

                             Commencement :21st February 1985
       In exercise of the powers conferred on meby section 1 (1)
     putes (Essential Services) Act 1976, and of all other powers of   the /Trade Dis-
                                                                     enabling me in
     that behalf, I, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, Head
                                                              of the
     Government, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Fedetal Military
                                                                   hereby make the
     following    Order :—      ‘
        1. Pursuant to section 1 (1) of the Trade Disputes (Essential Services)          Proscription
     Act 1976, the associations commonly known and referred to as the Nigeria            of NMAand
     Medical Association and -the National Association of Resident Doctor                NARD.
                                                                                s        1976 No, 23,
     (hereinafter in this Order referred to as “the proscribed associations”)
                                                                              are        1977 No. 69.
     hereby respectively proscribed.                              ,
       2, Accordingly, in pursuance of the provisions of the Trade Disputes              Effect of
     (Essential Services) Act 1976, as amended by the Trade Disputes (Essential          Order.
    _ Services) (Amendment) Act 1977, as from the date of the making of                  1976 No. 23.
     Order, the following consequences shall ensue :—                                    1977 No. 69. .
          (a) no other association or trade union consisting of the same or
      substantially the same-membersas those of the proscribed associations
       and no other association having the same or substantially the. same
       ‘objectives shall, until the revocation ofthis Order, be formedorregistered ;
             (6) no person whoimmediately before the date of the commencement
       of this Order wasan officer of any of the proscribed associations shall at any
       time during which this Order remains in force be an officer of any
       association of petsons employed in the essentialservice affected by this
         (c) no person who immediately before the making of this Order was
       an officer of the proscribed associations shall in any way perform or
       assume leadership role in any association or*faction 6f an association of
       the essential service affected by this Order ; ©
         (d) all property (whether moveable and immoveable) of the. proscribed
       associations whether held in the nameof the proscribed as8oclations or
       held by any person for or in trust for the proscribed associations are
       hereby forfeited to the Federal Military Government and shall vest in
       that Government free of encumbrances without any further assurance
       apart from this Order and the provisions of section 1(3) of the Trade
       Disputes (Essential Services) Act 1976 shall apply to such property;
                                                                                         1976 No, 23,
         (e) any person who holds any property referred to in the last preceding
        paragraphof this section shall within 14 days of the making of this Order,
        or where the property comes into his possession after the making of this
        Order, within 14 days after the property comesinto his possession, deliver
        such property to the Secretary to the Federal Military Government or
      _ notify him in writing of the place where the property may be recovered,
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