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21 March 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1985-03-21 number 15 part B

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Supplement to Official Gazette      No. 15, Vol. 72, 21st March, 1985—Part B

S.I. 10 of 1985


                        Commencement : 1st June 1985

  In exercise of the powers conferred upon him by the Legal Practitioners
Act, 1975, Schedule 2 Clause 2 (1) the Chief Justice of Nigeria hereby makes
the forgwing rules of procedure :—
                                     ORDER 1

                          Title, Application and Definition
  1, ‘These Rules may be cited as the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary            Title and
Committee Rules, 1985 and shall come into operation on the Ist day ie June        Commen-
1985.                                                                             cement.

  2. In these Rules words and exnressions shall have the meaning given to
them in the Legal Practitioners Act 1975 and unless the context otherwise .
requires the following words and expressions shall have the following
meanings :—
     “Act” ..      .e      ..    Means Legal Practitioners Act 1975,
     “The Chairman”         ..   Means as
                                        the Chairman of. the Legal
                                                               8 Practitioners
                                   Disciplinary Committee.
     “The Secretary”       ..    Means the Secretary of the Legal Practitioners
                                   Disciplinary Committee.
     “The Committee”       ..    Means the Disciplinary Committee.
     “The Panel” ..        ..    Means a division of the Committee to hear
                                   complaints pursuant to Section 9 (1) of the
                                   Legal Practitioners Act 1975.
     “Members” .,          ..    Means Members of the Disciplinary Com-
     “Legal Practitioner” .. Means a Legal , Practitioner under the. Legal
                               Practitioners Act 1975.
     “Prima Facie Case” .. Has the sare meaning as assigned to it in
                               criminal proceedings.
                                     ORDER 2
                          Form and Commencement of Proceedings.
  1, Every disciplinary proceedings against a Legal Practitioner under the        Commen-
Act shall be commenced by a complaint in writing to the Secretary against         cement by
the Legal Practitioner.                                                           written
  2. The Complaint shall :—                                                       contents of
     (a) contain the name and address of the complainant and of the Legal
     (0) State briefly and clearly the complaint(s).
  3. Where the complainantis an illiterate: person, the Secretary shall record
the particulars himself in a register kept’ for that purpose together with the
date and time that the complaint was made.            .               :
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