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11 April 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1985-04-11 number 19 part B

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                                                                                                  B 103
Supplement to Official Gazette No. 19, Vol. 72, 11th April, 1985—Part B

S.L 11 of1985
                              “TRADE DISPUTES ACT1976                       |       -   e
                                             ‘ (1976-No. 7)                     .
                National Union of Shop and Distributive Employees and
                      -Managementof Lennards Nigeria Limited

                             Confirmation of Award Notice 1985
    Pursuantto the provision of Section 9 (3) of the Trade Disputes Act 1976, the Industrial
Arbitration Panel Award made on November 9, 1982 and set out in the Schedule hereto
has been confirmed by me, the Minister of Employnient, Labour and Productivity and
shall have effect as so confirmed in accordance with that provision.
   Name of Arbitration              Parties in Dispute                  Terms of Award -
Industrial Arbitratio    "National Union of Shop                  In accordance with the terms of
  Panel             °          and Distributive Employ-             the memorandum of agreement
                               ees and Management of                signed by the disputants, the
                               Lennards Nigeria                     Tribunal hereby makes award
                               Limited                        *     as follows :—
                                                                       (a) “The Gratuity scheme
                         -                                          shall apply to both Junior and
                                                                    Senior employees of the
                                                                      (5) The basis and rates of
                                                                    calculation shall be as follows :—
                                                                         Under one year—Nil.
                                                                        One year-10         2 weeks pay
                                                                        years                 for each
                                                                                              year of
                                                                        Elevenyears-        3 weeks pay
                                                                    - 19 years                  for each
                                                                                               year of
                                                                        Twenty years        4 weeks pay
                                                         en           and above               for each
                                                     -                                       year     of
                                                                      (c) Benefits from such scheme
                                                                   shall be payable to an employee
                                                                   when his/her employmenttermi-
                                                                   nates either by voluntary or by
                                .                                  compulsory retirement, or by
                               ge        .                         resignation or by any form of
                                                                    ending a contract of service
                                                                   provided that ;—

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