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17 May 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1985-05-17 number 26 part A

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                                                                                              A 65

 Supplement to ‘Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 26, Vol. 72, 17th May,
                                                             1985—Part A

                (DELEGATION OF POWERS) DECREE 1985

                              ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIO
* ‘oC; *
 Section.                                            oe
                                            3. Transition         aie
                                                          al provis ions,
   1. Delegation of functions to the
        Minister of the Federal Capital     4, Interpretation,
           ‘Territory.                      5. Citation and commencement,
   2, Exemptions,                             :                         :

                                 Decree No. 12            —                 | :

                                                                  . [28th May 1984]   Commence-

      THE FEDERAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT hereby decrees as’
 follows :—

           1. As from ‘the commencement of this Decree, the Head of the               Delegation
 Federal Military Governmént, has delegated to the Minister of the                    of functions
 Federal Capital -Territory, the following functions, t hat fs to say—                Miniter of
                                                                                      the Federal
       (a) any function or power conferred on| the Chairman of the Federal            Capital
     Capital Development Authority pursuantto the Federal Capital. Territory          Territory.
   - Act 1976; -                     os          oe                                   1976 No.6.

     (5) any executive power of the Federal Military Government vested
  in the Head of the Federal. Military Government pursuant to
   section 263 (a) or any othersection of the Constitution and exercisable
   within the Federal Capital Territory .                  +
                                                  ‘   ,       -    @&

       (c) any function or power conferred by any lawset out in the Schedule
    to the Federal Capital Territory (Applicable Laws) Decree 1984 vested
    in the Governor or Military Governor of a- State ;

    ' (d) the powers vested inthe Head of the Federal Military Government             1984 No. 17.
    by Section 1 (1) (d) () of the Public Officers (Special Provisions) |Decree
    1984 ; an
       (e) such other functions as the Supreme Military Council or the Head
    of the Federal Military Government, as the case may be, may from time
    to time confer on the Minister.
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