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31 May 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1985-05-31 number 29 part A

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             %                                                                                    A, 67

      . Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 29, Vol, 72, 31st ‘May,
                                                                  1985—Part A

                       PORTS DECONGESTION DECREE 1985

                                     Decree No. 13

                                                                  Brth May 1985]         Cpmence-
      a THE FEDERAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT hereby decrees as
      follows :—
             1.—{1) There is hereby established a body1to be known as the Task Establish:
       .Force for the Disposal of Unclaimed Containers (hereinafter referred to as       ‘Task Force
        “the Task Force”) which shall be constituted in accordance with, and shall       for the
        have such functions as are conferred on it by the following provisions of this   Disposal of
. .     Decree,                                                                          Unclaimed
            (2) The Task Force shall catry out its. functions with all convenient
      - speed andshall conclude its functions on or before.30th September 1985
       _after which date the Task Force shall stand disbanded.
      .      (3) The ports, airports and customs border stations specified in the
      “Schedule to this Decree may be divided into zones and a task force may be
        established for each such zone or group of zones.
            2.—(1) The Task Force shall consist of the following members :—              oftheTack
           " (a) a leader who shall be an officer in the Nigerian Army not below the     Force.
          rank of full colonel or an equivalent rank in the Nigerian Navy or the
          Nigerian Air Force;
            (5) a police officer not below the rankof deputy commissioner;;
          _ _(c) an officer of the Nigerian Security Organisation not below the rank
         ‘of assistantdirector ;
          - (d) an officer of each of the other two armsof the armed forces not being
          that to which the leader belongs ;                                  z                      *
           ‘ (e) a representative of the Federal Ministry of Finance;
             (f) the Commandant of the Port in whose area of jurisdiction the
          Task Force is operating ; and                              -
            (g) a representative of the Departmentof Customsand Excise.
            (2) An administrative officer in the Federal Civil Service not below
       the rank of deputy secretary shall be the secretary to the Task Force.
            (3) Subject to’ this Decree, the Task Force shall have the power to
       coopt such personsas may benecessary and to regulate its own proceedings.
         — (4)!The validity of the Proceedings of the Task Force shall not be
      ‘affectedby reason of-—
            (a) any vacancy in the membership of the Task Force ;
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