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6 June 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1985-06-06 number 30 part B

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                                                                                     .     Bill             o

 Supplement to Official Gazette No. 30,° Vol. 72, 6th June, 1985—Part B.

  SI. 15 of 1985
                          PETROLEUM DECREE 1969
       if             |             (1969 No..
                                            aN 51)            .
              Petroleum Products (Identification of Tankers)
                                Regulations 1985

                          Commencement : 31st May 1985
      Inexercise of the powers conferred by section 8 of the Petroleum Act 1969,
  and all other powers enabling me in that behalf, I, the Minister of Petroleum
  and Energy, hereby make the following regulations :—

     1, As from the commencement of these regulations, and for the purposes         Approved
  of identifying a tanker, the colours listed in the colour code set out in the     colours   Om       i.
                                                                                    tankers, etc.
  Schedule to thesé regulations shall be tlie approved colours to be painted
  on every ‘tanker carrying or transporting petroleum products in bulk
  within Nigeria or across the Nigerian borders.                  .
    2. Every tanker painted with the colours listed in the colour code set .        ‘Transporta-
 out in the said Schedule shall carry or transport within Nigeria and across         tion of par-
                                                                                     ticular brand
 the Nigerian borders only the particular brand of petroleum product in              of petroleum
 bulk for which it was painted.            oe                     °                  products to
                                                                                     be by painted
    3. No tanker shall be used to carry or transport any particular brand of         Prohibition of
  petroleum products in bulk within Nigeria and across the Nigerian borders          transporting
 unless it was painted in the colours ‘listed in the colour code set out in the      petroleum
                                                                                   - products in
 said Schedule. ~                  .                                                 tanker    not _
                                                                                     painted    in
                                                                                    listed colours.
     4, As from the commencementof these ‘regulations, every tanker engaged:
_ dn bunkering operations within Nigeria and across the Nigerian borders shall
                                                                    of the word,
  inscribe the word “BUNKERING” on both sides of the tanker which — “BUNKER-
                                                                    ING”         .
. emerge above the water level for easy identification.
    5. Any person (whether corporate or unincorporate) who contravenes              Offence,
  the provisions of these regulations sHall commit an offence, and shall be penalty,
' Hable on conviction to afine of N100 or to imprisonment for a term of etc.
  six months or both and in addition to any punishment to be iniposed.
  by the Minister or an officer designated in writing by him in that behalf
  under regulation 6 of these regulations.       _         an
     6, In addition to the provisions of regulation 5.of these regulations the
  Minister or any designated. officer, may—         so                 an
        (a) cause any person, corporate or unincorporate, who contravenes
    the provisions of these regulations, to be arrested by a police officer ;
        (5) seize the tanker and the petroleum products therein ;             .
       (c) order the payment of the value of the said products by any such
    person, to the Federal Military Government;
      (d) at any time: cancel or withdraw any licence or permit granted to
   the owner of such tanker;               oe
     (e) take “other. measures which he may deem necessary for the purpose
   of preventing the breach of any provision of these regulations.
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