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4 July 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1985-07-04 number 35 part A

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                                                                                       B 115

 Supplement to Official Gazette No. 35 Vol. 72, 4th July, 1985—Part A             “

SL. 16 of 1985        \
                          TRIBUNALS OF INQUIRY ACT 1966
                                      (1966 No. 41)
   - Instrument Constituting the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into-the Death:
                                of Miss Glory Okon          .

    ' Underthe powers conferred upon meby section 1 of the Tribunals of Inquiry Act 1966,
 and ofall other powers enabling me inthat behalf, I, Major-General Muhammadu. Buhari,
 Head of the Federal Military Government, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. of'
 the Federation, hereby constitute .and appoint a Tribunal to be called the Judicial
 Commission: of Inquiry into the death of Miss Glory Okon, with the. terms of
 reference hereinafter appearing:

     Anp for this purpose, I appoint—
        Mr Justice C. N. O. Ubbaonu                           .                       oa :
        Wing-Commander P. G, Asemota                                          ‘         ,
        Professor Tunde Oloko

 to be roembers of the Commission with full powers and authority to hold public hearings
 but without prejudice to the exercise of the powers. conferred under the proviso to
 section 1 (2) (d) of the said Act:
     Awnp I direct that Mr Justice GN. O. Ubbaonu aforesaid shall be the Chairman and
 I appoint MrJ. 1. Obianwu to be the Secretary to the Commission.

      Ann IJ further direct, that any two members of the Commission, of whom oneshall be
 the Chairman,shall constitute a quorum and that the Commission shall holdits first meeting
  as soon as may be after the date of-this Instrument, and the Commission shall thereafter
  hold the said Inquiry inKano and at such other place or places and upon such dates as the -
. Chairman may determine.
                                      Terms of Reference
      (i)Inquire into the circumstances of the arrest and death of Miss Glory Okon on, or
         about the 28th April, 1985 ;
   " (#) determine whether during the period of her arrest and or custody any persons
         conttibuted to her death throtigh acts of omission, commission or negligence ; and
      (iii) consider any other. matters incidental to the case and maké               suitable
     Anp I hereby direct the. Commission to submit its report to me not later than
 one month from the date ofits first sitting.

      GIvEN AND ISSUED under my hand at Lagos this 2nd day of July, 1985.

                                                        Mayjor-GeneraL M. Buxart,
                                                  Head of the Federal Military Government,
                                                  Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces,
                                                        Federal Republic of Nigeria
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