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17 April 1986

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1986-04-17 number 20 part B

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Supplement to Official Gazette No. 20, Vol. 73, 17th April,
                                                            1986—Part B

S.[. 5 of 1986

                             TRADE DISPUTES ACT 1976
                                   (1976 No.7)
Trade Dispute (Non-AcademicStaff Union of Educationaland Associa
         and Managementof National Post-graduate Medical College
                             of Nigeria, Ibadan)

                         Confirmation of Award Notice 1986

    Pursuant to the provisionsofsection 9 (3) of the Trade Disputes Act 1976, the Industri
Arbitration Panel award made on 17th October, 1985 and set out in the Schedul
                                                                               e hereto
has been confirmed by me, the Minister of employment, Labour and
                                                                 Productivity and shall
have effect as so confirmed in accordance with those provisions.


  Name of Arbitration         Parties in Dispute                   Terms of Award
Industrial Arbitration   Non-Academic Staff Union        “The Tribunal accepts and con-
     Panel                 of Educational and Asso-        firms the following terms of
                           ciated Institutions and         Agreement between Non-Acade-
                           Management of National          mic Staff Union of Universities
                            Post-graduate Medical Col-     and the Management of National
                            lege of Nigeria                Post-graduate Medical College of
                                                           Nigeria in settlement of trade
                                                            dispute between the parties and
                                                           awards as follows thatis to say,
                                                             (a) the terms of agreement
                                                           becomeeffective from the date of
                                                           this award ;
                                                             (5) the college shall adopt the
                                                             USS Scales ;
                                                             (c) the college recognises the
                                                           existence of NASU butthat, the
                                                           following cadre being projections
                                                           of managementwithin the mana-
                                                           gement structure of the college
                                                           cannot be membersthereof :
                                                               (2) Staffholding administra-
                                                             tive posts and executive cadre
                                                             whoare headsof units,
                                                               (71) all Personal Assistants
                                                             and Confidential Secretaries,
                                                               (ai) the condition of service
                                                             currently applicable to the
                                                             University of Lagos shall be
                                                             adaptedto the peculiar circum-
                                                             stances of the college and made
                                                             applicable to it also’’.
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