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25 December 1986

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1986-12-25 number 67 part A

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                                                                                            A 419

     Supplement to Official Gazette No. 67 Vol. 73, 25th December, 1986—Part A

                          APPROPRIATION DECREE 1986

                                   Decree No. 36

                                                          [19th December 1986]      Commence-
            THE FEDERAL MILITARY GOVERNMENThereby decrees as
     follows :—

            1.—(1) The Acdountant-General of the Federation may when                Issue and
     authorised to do so ky warrants signed by the Minister of Finance pay          appropria-
     out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federation during the              tion of
     financial year ending 31st December 1986 the sums specified by the warrants,   387,780,732,
                                                                                    900 from the
     not exceeding in the aggregate Seven Billion, Seven Hundred and Eighty         Consolidated
     Million, Seven Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand, Nine Hundred Naira.            Revenue
                                                                                    Fund for
          (2) The amount mentioned in subsection (1) of this section shall be       1986.
     appropriated to heads of expenditure as indicated in the Schedule to the

=d       (3) No part of the amount aforesaid shall be issued from the
     Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federation after the end of the year
     mentioned in subsection (1) of this section.

            2. This Decree may be cited as the Appropriation Decree 1986.           Citation.

     Head                      Ministry|Department                   Allocation

      21.    General Staff Headquarters                               45,764,540
      22.     Cabinet Office                                         170,035,160
      23.    Police .                                                382,074,330
      24.    Police Service Commission ..                              6,785,600
      25.    Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Rural
               Development               .                            32,878,130
      26.    Federal Audit Department ..                               5,362,630
      27.    Judiciary                                                13,184,610
      28.    National Industrial Court                                   376,470
      29.    Ministry of Communications                               82,817,630
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