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10 April 1987

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1987-04-10 number 19 part A

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                                                                                                   A 25
  Supplement io Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 19, Vol. 74,.10th April,
        :                                                    1987—Part A

                  . INFRASTRUCTURES DECREE 1987

                              ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS
  1, Establishment of the. Directorate                8. Officers of the Directorate.
        of Food, Roads‘and Rural .Infra-                   :                  ‘
        structures,                          |        9. Directives by. the President.
  2. Board of the Directorate.                       10. Funds of the Directorate,
  3, Liaison with other bodies.                      11. Quarterly reports,
  4. State formations ofthe Directorate.
           .            .                            12, Procedures of the Directorate.
  5. Functions of the Directorate.
  6. Participation by States and Local               13. Interpretation.
       Government Councils.                                Loe        .    ;
       .                                             14. Citation and. commencement,
   . Special functions of the Directorate.

                                     DecreeNo. 4
                                                                  [6th February 1936]       Commence-

        THE FEDERAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT hereby decrees as
 follows :—     ~
     -1. There is hereby established a: bodyto be knownas the Directorate                  Establish-
 of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructures (hereinafter in this Decree referred            eat of the
 to as “the Directorate”) which shall have the functions specified in this                ofFood.”
 Decree.                                                ,                  .              Roads and.
                                                                                          Rural Infra-
        2.—(1) The programmeof the Directorate shall be formulated, guided                Board of the
 and broadly supervisedby a Board which shall comprise a Chairman and not                 Directorate.
 less thanfour butnot more than seven other members whoshall be appointed
 by the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.         ,
      (2) The Chairman appointed pursuant to subsection (1) of this section
 shall be the Chief Executive of the Directorate. and shall be responsible for
 the day. to day running of its.affairs.
       3. The Directorate shall liaise with Federal: Government Ministries                Liaison with
and Agencies, Integrated Rural Development Authotities, State Govern.                     other bodies,
ments, Local Governments and local communities: and also . CO~operate
 with all other private and public organisations, institutions, enterprises and -
individuals concerned with the developmentof the rural areas.
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