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9 June 1987

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1987-06-09 number 32 part A

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                                                                                         A 79

Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 32, Vol. 74, 9th June, 1987
         :     .                        :                           —Part A

                      (AMENDMENT) DECREE1987

                              Decree No. 13

                                                            [25th May 1987]      Commence-

follows :—
     1. The Civil Disturbances (Special Tribunal) Decree 1987 is hereby          Amendment,
amendedas follows —
     (a) immediately after subsection (2) of section 2 thereof, there shall
   be inserted the following new subsection (3), that is—
       “(3) The Chairman and any three other membersshall constitute a
     quorumforthetrial of any offender underthis Decree.”;
     (b) immediately after subsection (3) of section 3 thereof, there shall be
   inserted a new subsection(4), that is— -                         :

        “(4) Notwithstanding the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code
     or the Criminal Procedure Actrelating to venue of the trial or anything
     contained in Schedule 2 tothis Decree, any offence specified in Schedule
     1 to this Decree shall be triable in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja
     or any other place as the Chairman or the Attorney-General of the ~
     Federation may, from time to time, determine.”

     2. This Decree may be cited as the Civil Disturbances (Special Tribunal) Citation.
 (Amendment) Decree 1987.

     Mansat Lagos this 25th    day of May 1987.
                       ae tet came

                                              Major-Generat I. B. BABANGIDA,
                                               President, Commander-in-Chief
                                                     of the Armed Forces,
                                                 Federal Republic of Nigeria
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