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12 June 1987

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1987-06-12 number 34 part A

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                                                                                                 A 81
 Supplement to Official-- Gaz
                              ette ‘Extiaordinary No. 34,                                 Aeon
                                                          Vol. 74, 12th June,
                                               L       _—            .   1987 —Part A
                _    POLICE (AMENDMENT) DECREE

                                 .                          (27th August 1985]          Commence-
     THE FEDERAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT                                                    ment.
follows :— —.
                     me: 5 ARRSoles?
                                     hereby                                decrees as
' 1. The Police Act is hereby amended—                                                              4

     (2) by inserting imme
                           diately after sectio                                         ‘of Cap. 154,
  section, that is—                             n 6 thereof the foll
                                                                     owing new
“Establish-      64.—(1) Notwithstanding sec                     |          :
ment of the Constitution of the                 tio ns 194 , 195   and 196 of the
Police        graph 17 of Part 1 of the Th Republic of Nigeria 1979 and para-~
                                           ird Schedule thereto, therei
Council, etc, established a body to                                     s hereby
                                      be known as the Nigeria Police Counci
              (hereafter in this Act referr
                                            edto as “the Council”) which        l
              consist of— °                                                 shall
                  (a) the President, Comm
                                              ander-in-Chief of the
                Forces as Chairman ;         ae                           Armed
                      (6) the Chief of General Staff
                    " (c) the Attorney-General of
                                                  the Federation ;
                      (d) theMinister of Internal Affair
                                                         s ;and
                     (¢) the -Inspector-General of
                  (2) The Permanent Secretary
               shall be the Secretary to the in the Police Affairs Department
               ~ (3) The Council shall
               administration of the Nigeri pe charged with the policy and
               relating thereto including  a Police Force and all oth
                                          matters relating to the er matters
               the Force.     .           4
                 (4) The President, Comman
               Forces shall cause-the Counci der-in-Chief of the: Armed
               the                          l to be fully infotmed. co
                    matters underits supervisi                          ncerning
                                               on and shall cayse the
                be furnished with such
                                        other information as th
                                                                      Co uncil to
              - Tequire with respect to                          e Council may
                                        any specific matter underi
                                                                   ts supervision,
           SG) ‘Phe ‘Council| thay “ma recomm
              . Military Government   ke:     endation   s to the Fedérat
                                    with respect to any
                supervision.                            matter undér its
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