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11 January 1988

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1988-01-11 number 7

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                                                                                                     A 435
  Su        lement to Official: Gazette Extraordin        No. 7, Vol. 75 : 29th January, -
       ".                eT                          wy                  ” ipgeeParte
            a      _ (AMENDMENT) DECREE 1988

                                     Decree No. 2
                    oe                                           [11th January 1988]         Commence-
        THE FEDERAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT hereby decrees as
 follows. :—   7

       L. The Advisory Council on Religious Affairs Decre
 amended as follows—                                       e 1987 is}hereby Amendment
                                   -       .                       /          of
     (a) in subsection (3) of section 2 thereof, there shall be             ' 1987 No 30.
  - for the words “Deputy                                       substituted
                             Chairman” the word “Secretary”;
 (8) immediately after the words “amongst its
                                                       members” ap earing in
   ‘subsection (3) of section 2 thereof, there shall be
                                                        inserted the/words “on
 _ rotationalbasis’? ;                             ;
oo (c) for subsection (2 ) ofsection 4 thereof, there shall be
-. following new provision—                                    sulstituted the —
            “(2) Subject to the provisionsofthis Decree, the Counc
                                                        il shall operate
       as an autonomous body andthe Ministry of
       provi                                    Inter nal      i shall
               de it with all reasonable facilities forits Secretariat.”;
      (d) subsection (3) of section 4 thereofis hereby deleted.
     (e) in the interpretation of the word “members
                                                         ” in section 9     eof,
  ‘there shall be inserted the words “and the Secre
                                                      tary” immediatelyafter the
   word “Chairman” and delete the interpretation of
                                                         the word “Secretary.”
  2. This Decree amay be cited. as the Advi
                                            sory Council on Religious
. Affairs (Amendment) Decree 1988... _

    "Mane at Lagos this 11th day of January 1988.

                                                      GENERAL I, B, BaBANGina,
                                                  President, Commander-in-Chief
                                                      of the Armed Forces,
                                                     Federal Republic of Nigeria
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