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17 January 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1989-01-17 number 4 part B

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Supplement    to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 4, Vol. 76, 17th January,
                                                                    1989—Part B

S.L 1 of 1989

                       ACT 1968
                     (1968 No. 30)
     Pest Control in Port Areas (Amendment) Regulations 1989

                    Commencement : See Regulation 2 (2)

  In exercise of the powers conferred by section 3 (1) of the Pest Control of
Produce (Special Powers) Act 1968 and of all other powers enabling me in that
behalf, I, Minister of Trade, hereby make the following Regulations :—

  1. The Pest Control in Port Areas Regulations 1969, as amended by the            Amendment
Pest Control in Port Areas (Amendment) Regulations 1970,is hereby further          of 1969
amendedin regulation 8 thereof, by substituting for paragraph (1), the follow-     L.N. 35 of
ing new paragraph, that is—                                                        1970.

               (1) The fees to be charged for carrying out services neces-
             sary for the disinfestation of produce, buildings or ship-holds for
             Governmentagencies and private companies connected with the
             ports shall be—
                    (a) fumigation     ..       .. $81.70k per tonne ;
                    (b) surface spraying        .. §31.20k per tonne ;
                    (c) space/dusk misting      . . 82.00 per 1,000 cubic

    2.—(1) These Regulations may becited as the Pest Control in Port Areas         Citation
(Amendment) Regulations 1989.                                                      andom

    (2) Regulation 8 of the Pest Control in Port Areas Regulations 1969,
as amended by regulation 1 of these Regulations, shall come into force one
month after the making of these Regulations.

  Mang at Lagos this 3rd day of January 1989.

                                                          SAMAILA MAMMAN,
                                                              Minister of Trade

                              EXPLANATORY Note

             (This note does not form part of the above Regulations but
                         intended to explain their purport)
  The Regulations amend the Pest Contro] in Port Areas Regulations 1969
to revise the fees charged for pest control services rendered by the Federal
Produce Inspection Service.
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