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9 February 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1989-02-09 number 9 part B

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  Supplement to Official Gazette No. 9. Vol. 76, 9th February, 1989—Pa
                                                                       rt B

 S.L. 3 of 1989

                                 (1962 No. 42) |        |
    Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges (International Committee
                    of the Red Cross) Order 1989


   In exerciseof all the powers conferted by section 11 ofthe Diplomatic
 Immunities and Privileges Act 1862, and all other powers enablin
                                                                  g me in that
 behalf, I, Minister of External Affairs, hereby make- the following Order :—

                 Diplomatic Immunity Conferred on the Committee

    1. The International Committee ofthe Red Cross (hereinafter in thisOrder       Establish-
 referred to as “the Committee”) is hereby established in Nigeria for the          ment of
 purposeofits objectives as spelt outin its Headquarters Agreement.                Interna-
                                                                                   tional Com-
                                                                                   mittee of the
                                                                                   Red Cross.
   2. ‘The Committee shall have the legal capacities of a body corporate.          Legal   capa-
   3,—(1) All the properties, archives and assets of the Committee shall be        Exemption
 exempt from search, requisition and confiscation.                                 from search
       (2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1) of this section,
 all properties, archives and assets of thie Committee shall, for the purpose of
 public safety and public order, be subject to the laws of Nigeria.

  4.—(1) The offices and properties of the Committee shall be exempted             Exemption
from levies in respect of certain non-beneficial rates and taxes, that is to
                                                                             say   from certain
property and other municipal taxes normally payable by property owners             taxes,  rate
but which are not charges levied for specific services rendered.                   and customs
   (2) All goods which are imported-or exported by the Committee and which
 are necessary for the proper performance ofits activities shall be exempt
 from all customs duties and other charges, excepting payments for service
 rendered ; and for the sole purpose of servicing its conferences and similar
‘programmes, the Committee shall beallowed to import, free of customs duties
 reasonable quantities of drinks and tobacco.
   (3) ‘The Committee shall have exemption from taxes on the importation of
scientific and: biological materials directly imported by the Committee for
its official use in Nigeria or for exportation, or on the importa
                                                                  tion of
publication of the Committee directly imported. by it, such exemption toanybe
subject to compliance with such conditions as: may be prescribed for the
protection of public health, the prevention of diseases in plants and animals
and otherwise in the public interest.       sO              oo          ‘
  (4) The Committee shall have exemption from prohibition
tion: on the publication and dissemination of economic. data and      ‘restric-
‘Nigeria and such exemptionshallbe subjectto the prior approval ofthe Federalto
Ministry of Health..              oo,                                    ,
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