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29 March 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1989-03-29 number 19 part A

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Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 19, Vol. 76, 29th March,
                                                                  1989-—Part A

                    DECREE 1989 |

                               Decree NI o. 8 _
                                                        [27th February4989]        ’   Commence-
 ollows :—                                         x
     . The Natiorial Hlestoral Commission Decree 1987 ii shereby amended               Amendment
asste lows—       .                                                                    of 1987
                                                                                       No. 23.
     (a) iin subsection (1) of section 3 thereof,there shallbe deleted paragrapi
  (b), (c) and3and there shall be substituted therefor the following new
  paragraphs,   at is—
      (5) subject to subsection a of scdtion § of this Deorea:‘toprovide
  . political associations with clear guidelines, rules and| rugulations for the
   : formation: of:political patties ;   -                      we
      (c)subject to subsection (1) of section3 of this Deco,toFeccmmend
    to the ArmedForces Ruling Council suchpoliticalassociations thathave
    complied with the guidelines, rules and regulations for theregistration
    oftwo, political parties to be approved.and recognised by the Armed
    Forces Ruling Council;       —_-
      (d) to determine the _ eligibility of. sponsoveid“eandidatés fotaany of |
   the elections referredto in paragraph (a)ofthis subsection;;
      (e) to monitor the organisation and conductof the two political patties
    after approval and recognition by the Armed Forces Ruling Council ahd
   ‘Yegistration by the Commission;” ;
  -(b) inparagraphs (e)—() ofsubsection (t)ot
                                           ofsection3 thersof, siherever
the words “political parties” appear therein, there’‘Shall. be.Substituted
the words “twopolitical parties” ;
   (c) the existing paragraphs(e) to Gj) of subséction (1). of section 3
       be consequentially ‘Ténumbered paragraphs O (@), th), @, (/);
 and @ respectively ;7
   (d) ii n subsection (2) of gection 2 thereof, there shall besubitinied for
 the word “fifty” the word“forty-five” ;
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