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3 May 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1989-05-03 number 29 part A

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    Supplement to Official. Gazette. Extraordinary
                                                   No. 29. Vol. 76 3rd. May,
               0         :           =.             ot           1989-—-Part A
         _       PROMULGATION)DECREE 1939            |

                             Decree No. 12
                                                  [1st October 1992}                Commence-
        Wuereas the Federal Military Governinentof the Federal Republic of-
    Nigeria in compliancewith the Transition to Civil Rule(Political Programme)
    Decree 1987, set upthe Constitution Review Committee to review
                                                                   the Cons-
    titution of the Federal Republicof Nigeria 1979 in line with theacc
                                                                        epted -
  _ recommendationsof the Political Bureau inaugurated bythe FederalMilit
    Govern                                                                ary
         ment on 13th January 1986; ~
  ___. Awp Wuereas the Constituent Assembly, established bythe Consti
    Assembly Decree 1988 consisting of a Chairman,a Deputy Chairm
 . ‘elected members and.111 nominated members was-to dsliberate an, 450
                                                                  upon the
   Draft Constitution prepared by the Constitution Review Committee
   _ . Anp WHrREaSthe Constituent Assembly established by the Constit
   Assembly Decree 1988, and as empowered by that Decree, has deliber
   upon the draft Constitution (except certain provisions thereon) drawn. ated
   the Constitution Review Coitimitteeand presented the résultofits deliberby
   tions to the Armed Forces Ruling Council ;                               a-
        AnpWurrzasthe Armed Forces Ruling Council has approved the        same
   -Subjéct to such modifications as it deemed necessary and may
                                                                     be deemed
   necessary in future, in thepublic interest and for purposesof promot
                                                                        ing the
   welfare and fostering theunityand ‘progress of the people of Nigeria ;
        AnD WHEREAS in order that the Federal Military Government
    achieveits objectiveof leaving an enduring Constitution to the Nation may
   allow for:a learning process,itis. necessary during the transition period, and
_ _ enact certain Decrees by progression in order to bring into force          to
  " provisionsof the Constitution relative to-each ofthe three tiers
                                                                      of Govyern-
   ment;      —            ,             7
    _. AND Wuerkas it is imperative that the present Military Administrati
  _ Should continue'to rule bythe enactment of Decrees for the welfare     on
 - and progress ofall the citizens of Nigeria, trotwithstanding’ anythi , unity
    contrary in the provisionsof the Schedule to this Decree ;         ng to the

        Anp’ Wuerkas,except as may beprovided to the contrar
   the Schedule to-this Deoree shall impede or derogate from they, nothing in
   functions exercisable by the Federal MilitaryGovernment under  powers and
   titution (Suspension and Modification) Decree 1984 (as amend the Cons-
                                                               ed) and the
 _ Federal Military Government (Supremacy‘ and+Enforcement ofPowers)
   Decree 1984 during the transition period;
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