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24 July 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1989-07-24 number 43 part B

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      Jement toto
  Supplement              Official
                            Of   : Gazette
                                       ene Extraordinary
                                                      ary No.
                                                           iN 43,s Vol. 76,"4 24th Parte

 S.L. 6 of 1989
                           DECREE 1988
                                                   (1988 No.1)
                             Customs Tariff (Exemption) Order 1989
                                           Commencement : 8th June 1989

     Inexercise of the powers conferred upon me by section 10 (1) of the Customs,
 ' Excise Tariff, Etc. (Consolidation) Decree 1988 and ofall other powers enabling ©
   me in that behalf, I, IBRAHIM BADAMASI BABANGIDA,President, Com-
   mander-in-Chief of. the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, hereby
  make the following Order :—

       1.—(1) The importation of commercial vehicles, trucks and buses and                     Exemption
 - spare parts thereof shall be imported into Nigeria duty-free for the period                 °f nin
   prescribed in subsection (2) of this section ; accordingly, Schedule 1 to                   saymentm
' the Customs and Excise Tariff, Etc. (Consolidation) Decree 1988 is hereby                    of import
  amendedas specified in the Schedule to this Order.                                           duty.
       (2) The exemption granted pursuant to subsection (1) of this section
_ shall commence on 8th June 1989 and terminate on 3ist December 1989.

       2. This Order may becitedas5 the Customs Tariff (Exemption) Order                       Citation
 1989 and shall be deemed to have comeinto forceon 8th June 1989,                              andsence.

                     .                                _ SCHEDULE               (Section1 (1)
  Heading                         |-                                "           Customs Duty
    No.                           .
  4011.20 New pneumatic tyresota kind used on buses and
            lorries)...                        +     .. Free
~ 40.13         Tubes (of a-kind used on buses andHoxries)              ..      Free
  70.07         Safety glass, consisting of toughened (tempered) or
  aor               laminated glass (of a kind used on buses and
                 - lorries)     ..      ee   ae      oe     .    .. Free
8407.33: Spark-ignition reciprocating orrotary internal
           combustion piston engines (of a cylinder capacity
           exceeding 1000cc of a kind used in buses and
            .     lorries) -           .      +e       .     vs    os     ..    Free
 8409.91. Parts suitable for usee solely or principallywith spark-
   &       ' ignition internal combustion piston engines. .. Free
 8507.10 Electric ‘Accumulators Lead-Acid of a kind used for
             starting piston engines (of a Kind used on buses”
                         and lorries)                             we           ..   Free
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