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31 July 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1989-07-31 number 51 part B

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        _\ Supplementto OfficialGazette ‘No. 51, Vol.76,31stAugust, 198¢—Part B
                                           "TRADE DISPUTES ACT 1976
                                                      "(1976 No. 7)
                          |. The National Union of Dock Labour Employers»
                                   et The Nigerian Ports Authority
                                                           - and
                                           The Dockworkers’ Union of Nigeria
                                 : ‘Confirmation of Award Notice 1989
         oo Pursuant to the provisions of section 9 (3) ofthe Trade Disputes Act 1976, the Indus-
          trial Arbitration Panel Award made on 31st July 1989 andset out in.the Schedule hereto
         thas been confirmed by me, the Minister of Employment, Labour and Productivity and
          shall haveeffect as so confirmed in accordance with those provisions.
                                                    _” SCHEDULE
             Naine of Arbitration          Parties in Dispute                  Terms of Acard

             Industrial Arbitration        National Union of Dock      “Tn the matter of the trade dispute
               Panel                      > Labour Employers, the      between the National Union of
                                            Nigerian Ports Authority   Dock Labour Employers and the
                                      _     and Dockworkers’ Wnion     Nigerian Ports Authority and the
                                           _ of Nigeria.               Dockworkers Unionof Nigeria and
                                                                       further to IAP Award No. IAP/
                                                                        L.242. of 13th April, 1989, the
                                                                       Tribunal after very careful reconsi-
                                                                       _ deration of all the submissions of
                                                                        the parties to this dispute, and
                                                                        bearing in mind the general na-
                                                                        tionwide increase, and considering
                                                                        the resultant increase in wages
                                                                       andfringe benefits, following the
                                                                        lifting of the ban on wages in
                                                                       1988, makes its award as follows :-—

                                                                                   Old Salary New Salary
                        ~ Category of Dockworker .                                 perannum perannut
                                                                                       a              #
        —@~ General Labour...                                                       1,650            1,980
             (#) Winchman/Gangman ws                       Ss           ee           1,680           2,130
             (i). Headman                   .       ie                  aes          1,710           2,130
        . () Securityman ..                                             we we      «710              2,130
          (v) Tally Clerk...                                               ee        1,710           2,130.
             (vi)      Forklift Driver                                                  1,710         2,130
7   f    .
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