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22 August 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1989-08-22 number 49 part A

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                                                                                                A, 297

                  Official    Gazet
Supplernent to Official Gazette,        Extraordinary
                                               ordinary No.49,
                                                          0    Vel. 76,, 22nd
                                                                          198 -Ausuet

                                       DECREE 1989

                                      Decree No. 19
             7                                                   {14th August 1989] Commence-
follows :—  ce            .

    1, The Energy Commission of Nigeria Act 1979, as amended by the                     Amendment
Energy Commission of Nigeria (Amendment) Decree 1988,is hereby further                  a No
amendedby—                                                                              1988 No. 32.
    (a) deleting the existing section 2 thereof and substituting therefor the
following new.section, 2 that is—
“Member-       2, The Commission shall consist of the President, Com-
chip ofthe “mander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces as Chairman, and in the
  Snpmmusst™ absence. of the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed
            Forces, such other person as may be designated by himin that be-
           Ahalf to act as Chairman andthe following other members, thatis—

                 (a) the. Ministers charged with responsibility for             the
              following matters that, is—
                 " ’ #) mines, power andsteel ;
                     (#) petroleum resources ;
                   _ (8) science andtechnology;
                   ' (te)defence;                       ;
                    (v) agriculture, water resources and rural development;
                 -_ (of)externalaffairs ;
                    (vit) finance and economic development;
              " (b) the Director-General of the Commision who shall be
             _the Secretary of the Commission.” ;
  (6) in section 4 (3) by deleting the word “nine” and substituting therefor,
the word “four”.                                     i:
  2. This Decree may be cited as the Energy Commission of Nigeria                       Citation.
(Amendment) Decree 1989.
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