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29 December 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1989-12-29 number 75 part A

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                                                                                            A 715
Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 75, Vol. 76 29th December,
                                                                            1989—Part A

                            DECREE 1989

                                 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS
   Part I—ESTABLISHMENT OF THE                   24. Seizure of property.
           Nationa Druc Law ENFORCE-               Part IJI—ForFEITURE OF ASSETS
                MENT AGENCY, ETC.                   _ OF Prrsons ARRESTED FOR
         . Establishment of the National                OFFENCES UNDER THIS
            Drug Law Enforcement Agency.                      DECREE
     . Composition and proceedings, etc.         25. Investigation of assets and pro-
         of the Agency.                                perties of persons arrested of an
                                                       offence under this Decree.
       Functions of the Agency.
                                                 26. Disclosure of assets and properties
     . Special powers of the Agency to
                                                       by an arrested person,etc.
                                                 27. Interim forfeiture order.
     . The Secretariat, appointment of
         Secretary and other staff of the        28, Final order.
         Agency.                                 29, Final disposalof forfeited property.
          Establishment of special units, etc.
wo won

                                                 30. Offences in relation to forfeiture
     . Special duties of the units.                    orders.
     . Training programme.                       31. Consequence of an acquittal in
       Power of the Attorney-General of                respect of assets and properties.
          the Federation to give directives to   32, Powerto search,seize and arrest,
    the Agency.                                  33. Freezing orders on banks.
10. Importation,         etc.   of   cocaine,    34, Application of Decree to certain
            heroine or similar drugs, etc.             persons.
       Part TT—Orrences                               Part—IV—APPLICATION OF
il, Offences in relation to drug abuse                 CERTAIN ENACTMENTS
       and penalties,                            35. Application of certain enactments,
12, Whatconstitutes exportation, etc.            36. Information to be supplied by
13, Laundering of funds obtained                       Nigerian diplomatic mission.
       through     unlawful     activity,            Part V—MIScELLANEOUS AND
       penalty and forfeiture.                         SUPPLEMENTAL PROVISIONS
14, Attempts,                                    37. Fund.
15. Offences by bodies corporate,                38, Accounts and Audit.
16. Commercial carrier.
                                                 39. Annual report.
17, Jurisdiction.
18. Forfeiture after conviction in cer-          40, Part-heard proceedings.
       tain cases,                               41. Obstruction of ths Agency or
19, Forfeited property.                                authorised officers.
20. Foreign assets.                              42, Regulations.
21, Forfeiture of passports.                     43. Repeal.
22. Property subject to forfeiture.              44. Interpretation.
23. Further provisions as to forfei~             45, Citation.
       ture of property.                                         SCHEDULES
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